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A charm for your bag or a necklace for the girl that loves color. Kawaiii!

#FatnessFirst Hot Pepper Lunch


Remember those ‘Snap! Crackle! Pop! guys for the cereal commercials? Whenever I go to Hot Pepper and get this sizzling plate if goodness I expect them to jump out from behind the soy sauce and cartwheel through the bottles of dressing. Fresh off the stove and served on a hot plate the customer decides how their meat will be cooked. Flavor with sweet brown honey sauce or spicy garlic soy sauce to match your personal preference.  Itadakimasu!

#ITastedYou #inMyMouth today

I tasted you in my mouth today.  I was typing on the computer doing tedious data input and I took a breath in, well actually almost sorta hiccuped and then I swallowed real quick and then… well there you were…. #inMyMouth

I tasted you in the back of my throat, around my tongue, on mylips. 

I licked my lips and then I tasted you again on my mouth. 

From the moment that flavor spread from corner to corner of the crevices in my mouth, I knew I was tasting you again.  It wasn’t any particular flavor, it wasn’t a good or bad memory.  I didn’t think back to our first kiss or kissing deep while you took me on your bed that night after your game.  I didn’t think of anything but the taste of you.  All I could remember was that taste… not the touch, not the eyes, not the skin, not your eyelashes tangled in mine, Just you #inMyMouth. 

Today #iTastedYou #inMyMouth again and for a moment I wanted you near my mouth.

@AprilSyrup #ArtExhibit at ROTI #Roppongi

There are a lot of women that I admire but April Syrup always makes it pretty high on my list.  She is one of those people you could dislike because she is so damn good at so many things #youKNowtheType but her sincerity and genuine love of the arts make it impossible.  Check out her #diningWithArt exhibit at #fatnessFirst haven Roti in #Roppongi

Special reception to be held this Sunday, November 28th  7-9pm For just 2,500 yen you can enjoy 2 drinks+food and beautiful art by Ms April Syrup herself.

#Kampai Monday 起きて

Kampai Monday
#BlameItOnTheAlcohol Asleep in the Ramen
Kampaii Monday
Lmao… #checkOut this chick’s #shoeGame …                                                    compliments on the #LV bag #longnite


Thank you to @cam_i_amm for the great shots again this week.  Let’s all be thankful we didn’t get caught on camera.  #kamPaii

#DomesticViolence #YouDeserveBetter


Stand Against Domestic Violence


You deserve better

I read @SLOWLYbtngU ‘s post and partially in response and partially because of an event coming up this weekend I felt compelled to reply.  In Japan (even more so than the US) there is very little cultural, professional or community support for men, women and children who are a part of domestic violence.

What to do when you are in this situation?

You’ve put off talking about, writing about, and getting help with your survival/escape plan for as long as possible.  You can admit it.  You’ve done the absolute minimal needed to forget that you were on the outs of what was and still is a very physically and emotionally abusive relationships. You want to forget the bruises, shouting, calls to the police and visits to the doctor. You have put yourself in a superficially blissful state of forgetfulness, denial and often tipsiness.

Now it’s not that you don’t want help, Lord knows you’ve prayed or cried out for it, SCREAMED for it more than once. If one thing this experience has taught you is that God does in fact exist otherwise who have you been talking out loud to all those nights and days? And you DO want to move on, fall in love, and have a healthy relationship, a family, kids, a dog, the whole deal. Really the biggest problem is no one you’ve met really knows how to explain to you how to get out and over it. You are not at fault and you are not going crazy.

Many websites are too politically correct about it with their suggestions of counseling. Or their mottos oversimplify remember, ‘there’s no abuse in love’. Well, if love did not keep you with that man–what did? You can try talking with the people you love… but they see someone so amazing and can’t figure why you’d be with that asshole, they’re hurting too because they want to help but don’t know how. They might even blame themselves and you have enough guilt without having to deal with all that too.

So, how about this let’s put it on the table, let’s talk about it and let’s expose the worst part of life and all its fucked up details. Hopefully talking about it here on this website where everyone with access to the web (and that’s a lot of people) can see it, judge it, support or hate you for it will in some way help you stop being ashamed, stop being scared and stop running away from what you need to face.

WRITING, PARTYING, EATING, READING, DRINKING, AND WHATEVER ELSE IT TAKES TO GET OUT OF AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP- go ahead and do it.  I’m there for you and I think that you are STRONG person for it all- For the love, for the abuse and especially for the survival. Keep going and you will break the cycle and let me say I love and support you for that.

For women in Japan looking for at least one organization that is making a difference check out RESILIENCE Even though the website is in Japanese you can get English language support.  Hit us up at DENTradio@gmail.com for additional information

Saturday, November 6th @FewTweets will be hosting a holiday craft sale in Omotesando and proceeds will benefit this organization.  It’s only 1500 yen and includes snacks so enjoy getting your holiday shopping in early while supporting a great cause at the same time.


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