From Tokyo to the ATL: #DENTradio & @HashtagMag

The story of a beautiful beginning and happy collaboration.

How did this idea come about?

Once upon a time two kawaii, dope girls repping Atlanta @Jayda_b and Tokyo @TokyoTwilighter met in Roppongi.  The beginning was as all beginnings in Roppongi go, it started in an izakaya and ended on the first train.

Together with @ebonifiyah @beestroh and two others that don’t have twitter they enjoyed a dinner of sushi, calamari and cobb salad.  Afterwards the group headed to Don Quixote to buy rum and coke.  Drinking outside near 99 and Wall Street they later dubbed the spot #AppletonAlley.   From there the #wolfPack went straight from the club to the bar to a darts spot to the after-party ramen noodle shop and finally… 12 hours later  everyone went their separate ways.  The visitors went to their hotel, Jayda went to class and Mariko went  to work.

Several months of all-niters later these two event saavy ladies discovered their mutual passion for umeshu, all things kawaii, independent music, purikura, nail art, tweeting and hip hop.  It was clear they needed an outlet to share their knowledge and adventures with others.  They concluded  that they needed to start a radio program to share this information with others.

Convincing fellow female tweeters to join the cause, they built a sexy and grown team of ladies worldwide to contribute on radio segments and blogs.  Regular guests include   #FatnessFirst founder @Daisha_Hunter, #hipHop VJ @asian_bonita, #HalfAsian anthropologist @miekobear, @slowlybtngu ATLien superStar, @SimoneGoldsmith Party Reporter and #HashTagNews commentator @ebonifiyah.  For previews of content check their receptive twitter timelines.

Tune in every week for a new show and and check out our on-line magazine style blog (http://hashtagMag.wordpress.com) for new content upoaded daily.

DENT Radio creators & HashtagMag founders

Jayda alter ego in anime


@TokyoTwilighter and @Jayda_b


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