#FatnessFirst Hot Pepper Lunch


Remember those ‘Snap! Crackle! Pop! guys for the cereal commercials? Whenever I go to Hot Pepper and get this sizzling plate if goodness I expect them to jump out from behind the soy sauce and cartwheel through the bottles of dressing. Fresh off the stove and served on a hot plate the customer decides how their meat will be cooked. Flavor with sweet brown honey sauce or spicy garlic soy sauce to match your personal preference.  Itadakimasu!


@AprilSyrup #ArtExhibit at ROTI #Roppongi

There are a lot of women that I admire but April Syrup always makes it pretty high on my list.  She is one of those people you could dislike because she is so damn good at so many things #youKNowtheType but her sincerity and genuine love of the arts make it impossible.  Check out her #diningWithArt exhibit at #fatnessFirst haven Roti in #Roppongi

Special reception to be held this Sunday, November 28th  7-9pm For just 2,500 yen you can enjoy 2 drinks+food and beautiful art by Ms April Syrup herself.

#Daiquiri Dai @Prop

#Kampaii Sitting at everyone’s favorite #Roppongi spot #Propaganda! @Jacedome frequents here and I first had a #daiquiri here with her! ありがとうございました They are the best! So here on ladies night I decided to try multiple flavors! #Strawberry #Banana #Pineapple #Kampaii