Dj DeckStream “Exit Sign”

I played this track on the second episode of #DENTradio and this was actually the #carepackage song. S/o to @scarlett_spade for wining it eventhough there are new rules against shipping from Japan, we’ll work something out for you.

Anyway, this comes from my favorite Japanese Dj, who’s actually quite dope. Deckstream usually works with American artists on his mixtapes and this song “Exit Sign” features one of my favorite sampled melodies and singer/songwriter Nikki Jean. Check it out from Deckstream’s mixtape “Soundtracks 2”


#DENTradio episode 8 More music from ATL JPN and now Philly

Welcome Welcome back! We’re here again for you as always.
This week the ladies are here with more music but this time, not only from ATL and JPN, but from Philly. Some of @Jayda_b’s favorite musicians come out of Philly so take a listen to some of her favorite Philly bands. Also, more twitter news in Japanese and English, a #fatnessfirst report from @daisha_hunter and the Japanese word of the day, “Itakakimasu”.

Music from @bobATL from his new mixtape “No Genre” @Tuphace, Nouveau Riche and more!
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#NP “Playing God” Paramore x Ethereal

I really love this song, both versions to be exact. For some reason, this song hit a nerve with me. Listening to this, I totally agree with Hailey Williams, from Paramore. It can be really frustrating some times being in a country like Japan, even more frustrating in Tokyo where (what we say for a lack of a better term) “people have no souls”. Don’t be offended. I love Japan and if you have ever been here, you probably know just what i’m talking about.

These songs help me get through the day sometimes. The ETHERRMX by @obiethereal




#Kampai! Lets make, シャンヂガフ!

What? I know that’s what you said when you tried to read the katakana. 😉 Lets make Shandy Gafu! Shandy Gafu’s are a favorite cocktail among most young women in Japan. What is a Shandy Gafu you ask? This cocktail consists of 50%beer and 50% ginger ale, blended together to make a sweet beer mix. To make this, I recommend you use your favorite beer, Japanese, American or any type and Schwepps  ale. Just don’t use PBR for this one. I actually had a bartender make one for me in Atlanta over the summer, and it was horrible. Let that be a warning. Some blends that I recommend are Blue Moon from the US, or Sapporo from Japan.

Shandy’s are actually some of our ladies favorite drinks. @kyono69 and I’s to be exact. Try out this recipe and let us know what you think. Even balling on a budget, you can still drink #classy with that champagne glass in the back of your cabinet. lol


#YUMEfest Recap with @Jayda_b + GreenStreet

Check out the behind the scenes interview from GreenStreet live at the #YUMEfest with @Jayda_b in Tokyo!

#DENTradio Episode Six

#DENTradio here again this week! @Jayda_b holding it down for you with great music from ATL X JAPAN. This week we have music from, The Jaspects, @MumsFP, Dj Hasebe, @DaleCanFlo, Bonnie Pink and more!

Continue to learn Japanese with this week’s word “Sugoi”. Interview with the awesome @MeccaGodzilla from NY. Listen to a clip and catch the entire interview here on monday from the #DENTradio ladies.

#Fatnessfirst report call in from @Daisha_Hunter and the #Twitternews report from our lovelies @Asian_Bonita and @Ebonifiyah

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Cho arigatou goza!

Mata, raishu ne.

#Kampai “Yuengling”

Personal photos of one of my favorite beers, Yuengling, takes me back just this past summer when I was able to spend it in Atl. It was a nice break from Japanese beers, if I do say so myself. Cheap and comforting, I highly recommend this brew on tap or on draft and it goes perfect on those hot summer Atl days. Everyone knows we love PBR in Atl, but sometimes I wonder why people don’t go ahead and purchase this beer instead of PBR.

In case you were not aware, it is the same price as PBR, but it is bit better tasting. Less bitter and wont leave you with that horrible PBR hangover that we all know too well. Okay, I lied. But whats $2 versus $3? Take your pic, I love both, but as of right now, Yuengling please.