#FatnessFirst Hot Pepper Lunch


Remember those ‘Snap! Crackle! Pop! guys for the cereal commercials? Whenever I go to Hot Pepper and get this sizzling plate if goodness I expect them to jump out from behind the soy sauce and cartwheel through the bottles of dressing. Fresh off the stove and served on a hot plate the customer decides how their meat will be cooked. Flavor with sweet brown honey sauce or spicy garlic soy sauce to match your personal preference.  Itadakimasu!


About @TokyoTwilighter
A lil bit of Tokyo, a lil bit of America and a lot of kawaii. Something like an expert on Tokyo and your personal navigation system through the party scene. Fan of good music, brownies, bright colors, hip hop and twitter.

One Response to #FatnessFirst Hot Pepper Lunch

  1. miekob says:

    “cartwheel through the dressing”

    are you sure you’re not having other things too…?


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