#Kampai! Lets make, シャンヂガフ!

What? I know that’s what you said when you tried to read the katakana. 😉 Lets make Shandy Gafu! Shandy Gafu’s are a favorite cocktail among most young women in Japan. What is a Shandy Gafu you ask? This cocktail consists of 50%beer and 50% ginger ale, blended together to make a sweet beer mix. To make this, I recommend you use your favorite beer, Japanese, American or any type and Schwepps  ale. Just don’t use PBR for this one. I actually had a bartender make one for me in Atlanta over the summer, and it was horrible. Let that be a warning. Some blends that I recommend are Blue Moon from the US, or Sapporo from Japan.

Shandy’s are actually some of our ladies favorite drinks. @kyono69 and I’s to be exact. Try out this recipe and let us know what you think. Even balling on a budget, you can still drink #classy with that champagne glass in the back of your cabinet. lol



#Kampai “Yuengling”

Personal photos of one of my favorite beers, Yuengling, takes me back just this past summer when I was able to spend it in Atl. It was a nice break from Japanese beers, if I do say so myself. Cheap and comforting, I highly recommend this brew on tap or on draft and it goes perfect on those hot summer Atl days. Everyone knows we love PBR in Atl, but sometimes I wonder why people don’t go ahead and purchase this beer instead of PBR.

In case you were not aware, it is the same price as PBR, but it is bit better tasting. Less bitter and wont leave you with that horrible PBR hangover that we all know too well. Okay, I lied. But whats $2 versus $3? Take your pic, I love both, but as of right now, Yuengling please.