#DENTradio Episode 12! itunes down! Soundcloud for now! :)

Happy New Year! The Ladies are back again for you this week! On soundcloud for a second! Having itunes problems!

ATL! Ohayo! And Happy Bithday @Daisha_Hunter, more great music on dent this week from Atl, Tokyo, Korea and the nihongo word of the day.
In studio guest @sweet_sue_shine here with @Jayda_b today to talk about a great new film project in ATL coming up soon, listen for details and her contact information
and a #fatnessfirst report from @daisha_hunter live from last week’s Izakaya.
We have some really great news coming up and a wonderful opportunity. We want to say thanks for your support, all of the RTing and all of the good vibes we have been getting we really appreciate it.
Hit us up personally via twitter or, mail us. dentradio@gmail.com
We lovve you!
Mata raishuuuu


About Jayda B
Atlien by nature. Realist by life.

One Response to #DENTradio Episode 12! itunes down! Soundcloud for now! :)

  1. Stephen Birt says:

    Hello, sorry for a late question, but I could not hear correctly the names of the artists and songs. Could you please send me an e-mail with the names and artists? Sorry and thank you.

    Stephen Birt

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