#DENTradio Episode Four.

Konnichiwa! Ohayo Goza and hello again! #DENTradio is back with episode four. Thanks again for joining us this week.

@Jayda_b interview Atlanta producer @ObieThereal (Ethereal) whom are dent supporters love, we talked about his struggles and the major inspiration on this music. Listen to a snipet from the interview and catch the full interview right here on monday.
Learn japanese, how to use “Kampai” Also another #fatnessfirst live! from YamaChan Ikebukuro, Japan with @daisha_hunter and @iamkojoe

Enjoy music from both Atlanta and Japan from some of the ladies favorites like, Carlie Bravo and the F.R.E.E. World, Yelawolf, Hifana, The ThunderKatz, Norikiko and an exclusive track from Ethereal featuring Freeman the MC.

Yoroshiku thanks for joining us again

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#Hifana I want more of that! #Addicted