AC & Dell “Right Now” Video

“Right now” by AC&Dell was played on #DENTradio a few weeks ago. Check out the video here on hashtag.

Of course the ladies of hashtagmag love the fellas downing the sake bombs at the end! Kampai boys!


Black girls rock too.

Just a website I wanted to share with you guys. Check out which is basically a blog showcasing our beauty over time.

Models, actresses, civil rights activists, black girls rock too.

Phylicia Rashad

Thandie Newton

Lauryn Hill


Stacey Dash

This was also posted on the blog with the caption “This just pissed me off”. Personally I’m not surprised.

The Simmons girls.

Go black girl. lol Check out this site here.


Every year around this time, I’m very very looking forward to listen Skillz a.k.a MadSkillz’s Wrap up series.

I hope it’s coming out very soon. it’s already Dec. 13th!! where is it, Skillz!?!

well until then, let’s check out past wrap up line ups… my favorite is 2005!

wrap up 2009

wrap up 2008

wrap up 2007

wrap up 2006

wrap up 2005

wrap up 2004

Dj DeckStream “Exit Sign”

I played this track on the second episode of #DENTradio and this was actually the #carepackage song. S/o to @scarlett_spade for wining it eventhough there are new rules against shipping from Japan, we’ll work something out for you.

Anyway, this comes from my favorite Japanese Dj, who’s actually quite dope. Deckstream usually works with American artists on his mixtapes and this song “Exit Sign” features one of my favorite sampled melodies and singer/songwriter Nikki Jean. Check it out from Deckstream’s mixtape “Soundtracks 2”

#LV #Style


A charm for your bag or a necklace for the girl that loves color. Kawaiii!

Good #Japanese Music : #Gagle “Big Bang Theory”

This video is by “Big Bang Theory” by Gagle and the visual is #DOPE. They are from the most northern part of #Japan, #Hokkaido. It is super cold up there so this video definitely does it’s part to rep the culture! I love the track. It sounds like #Premier to me but it was produced by Mr. Beats, a  Japanese #producer. I love their sound all around so check out their other songs.

@Google Translate beatboxes #DOPE

Presenting the newest beatboxer on the scene… #Google #Translate !

Scrolling through the twitter timeline a few weeks ago the link of @chuseibb with the message ‘Google can beatbox’ caught our attention.  You need to see it to believe it.

Click on this —–> Link