Episode 11 #DENTradio

@Jayda_b is live in shinjuku japan with @iamkojoe and @daisha_hunter getting ready for the new year at japanese izakaya!
Listen to more music from @drazilla, @mrphillade @nikkiJean Donnis, Suite Chick and more!

Happy new years everyone from the ladies of dent radio
live in izakaya~

Mata raishuuuu 




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Thank you for your support and happy new year!!

Beatz & Bowl: Daisha Hunter’s BirthDai Bash 2.9


Daisha Hunter’s BirthDai Bash 2.9
January 7, 2011 FriDai, 11:00~5:00am
…Sasazuka Bowl, Tokyo (Sasazuka Stn. Keio Line)
笹塚ボウル、東京 (笹塚駅)
¥2,500/1 Drink (Includes Shoes + Unlimited Bowling)

+BirthDai Cupcakes by Candi Cakes
+Artwork by HIROSHI KIYOTA http://tinyurl.com/23bdj74

DAISHA “Dai*Light” HUNTER (ENTokyo/DaiTime)
LIVE: KOJOE http://www.IAmKojoe.com/

Access Sasazuka Bowl:
Keio Line-Sazasuka Stn. Exit Left Out of Gate
(Located in the building in front of the station, look left)




The sign Capricorn is symbolized by the Goat.
Your sign’s element is Earth. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. You are honest, thorough, practical, ambitious, business-like and careful. Capricorn can be cold and aloof. You are determined, dependable, responsible and may be interested in collecting antiques. Capricorn is very often politically minded. You have an excellent sense of timing. Capricorn is also patient, reserved, cautious, faithful and shrewd. You possess a great deal of drive, and your sense of duty is very strong. Capricorn can be very suspicious at times. Possible negative aspects of the sign Capricorn:You can be unfeeling, gloomy, pessimistic, miserly, unyielding, self centered, and revengeful.

Good #Japanese Music : #Gagle “Big Bang Theory”

This video is by “Big Bang Theory” by Gagle and the visual is #DOPE. They are from the most northern part of #Japan, #Hokkaido. It is super cold up there so this video definitely does it’s part to rep the culture! I love the track. It sounds like #Premier to me but it was produced by Mr. Beats, a  Japanese #producer. I love their sound all around so check out their other songs.

#FatnessFirst #Chocolate Drink Dai

I’ve been running into #Chocolate drinks all Dai! This is destiny! Tis the season for #FatnessFirst Chocolate!

Came across this #Tullys #HotChocolate on my #TokyoCommute. Not bad, I prefer milk choco over bitter もちろん!

This hometown favorite brand caught my eye on the #convini shelf. I’ll always love #Hersheys Chocolate being a PA girl and neighbor in #Harrisburg. As we were all raised on Hersheys Chocolate and at #HersheyPark, I passed thinking Japan probably tainted it for local customs.

I picked #VanHouten #Cocoa because I have their #hotchocolate at home and this #Christmas carton was so #kawaii!

Now this RIGHT HERE!!! #Starbucks in #Chocolate #Eclair!!! #NuffSaid

Catch my weekly #FatnessFirst reports live on #DENTradio!

#FatnessFirst Jagariko Potato Sticks

#FatnessFirst I’ve been a fan of #Calbee brand #PotatoSticks じゃがりこ. They are great on-the-go and have the best サクサク #crunch! The newest flavor is on your nearest #convini shelf! #Spicy #Cheese #Bacon

#Daiquiri Dai @Prop

#Kampaii Sitting at everyone’s favorite #Roppongi spot #Propaganda! @Jacedome frequents here and I first had a #daiquiri here with her! ありがとうございました They are the best! So here on ladies night I decided to try multiple flavors! #Strawberry #Banana #Pineapple #Kampaii

#Exclusive: “24 Bars To Kill” (Remix) Ish-One, Aklo, Ohga, Kojoe, and Tao

I followed @OhgaMusic & @IAmKojoe to the studio to shoot their session for the remix of #24BarsToKill produced by Ski Beatz for “24 Hour Karate School Japan”. Check out this teaser for what will be the hottest version of this track in #Japanese & #English ft. Ish-One, Ohga, Aklo, Tao, and Kojoe.

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