#ITastedYou #inMyMouth today

I tasted you in my mouth today.  I was typing on the computer doing tedious data input and I took a breath in, well actually almost sorta hiccuped and then I swallowed real quick and then… well there you were…. #inMyMouth

I tasted you in the back of my throat, around my tongue, on mylips. 

I licked my lips and then I tasted you again on my mouth. 

From the moment that flavor spread from corner to corner of the crevices in my mouth, I knew I was tasting you again.  It wasn’t any particular flavor, it wasn’t a good or bad memory.  I didn’t think back to our first kiss or kissing deep while you took me on your bed that night after your game.  I didn’t think of anything but the taste of you.  All I could remember was that taste… not the touch, not the eyes, not the skin, not your eyelashes tangled in mine, Just you #inMyMouth. 

Today #iTastedYou #inMyMouth again and for a moment I wanted you near my mouth.


About @TokyoTwilighter
A lil bit of Tokyo, a lil bit of America and a lot of kawaii. Something like an expert on Tokyo and your personal navigation system through the party scene. Fan of good music, brownies, bright colors, hip hop and twitter.

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