#Exclusive: “24 Bars To Kill” (Remix) Ish-One, Aklo, Ohga, Kojoe, and Tao

I followed @OhgaMusic & @IAmKojoe to the studio to shoot their session for the remix of #24BarsToKill produced by Ski Beatz for “24 Hour Karate School Japan”. Check out this teaser for what will be the hottest version of this track in #Japanese & #English ft. Ish-One, Ohga, Aklo, Tao, and Kojoe.

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#TokyoScene: The Killers-”Read My Mind”

I love this #video! It really represents #Japan #tourists and #whitepeople going where ever they want in the world and doing whatever they want LOL #history! I want to brush my teeth with #Gachapin too! I can never catch that dude out though, just the impostors in #DonQuixote!

Get A #Life, Not A #Job

Long gone are the days when the advice to, “go to school and get a good job,” is relevant. I wish someone would have told me to go to #school, start a #business, and #GetALife a lot earlier.  Besides the fact that keeping a #job, good or bad, is beyond our control, we really shouldn’t aspire to work any job with the old school thought that “this is the life.”

We all have #skills and have to work to pay the bills. Sometimes that work is fulfilling, but most of the time it is only what we do to survive.  I feel the most fulfilled when I know I’m exerting my skills and #energy toward the betterment of others in some way.  I want to see and feel the results of my actions. I know we all have multiple #talents and skills that may or may not be used throughout our lifetime, but it is possible to #apply ourselves in various job positions.

I’m not happy working at a job and for someone else all of the time, but the least I can do is give the part of my talents that could be utilized best in that situation. I work a full-time job, started my own #business, and #volunteer in multiple projects.  Each require different skills that I have, some of which wouldn’t be used at all had I not been involved in these different #career aspects.  I think part of getting a life is getting in touch with that which you love to do, can make you better, or help to #improve others.  Sometimes working for other people and businesses is apart of getting your #life that requires meeting other people and exposing yourself to #culture and climate #changes.  Getting your life also means taking responsibility for your finances and career #goals, and learning to manage yourself and others through your own business venture.  It also requires the pure satisfaction of being involved by freely giving your efforts to others’ causes.

In a time when economies and currency shifts cause scares like color-coded #terror alert systems, it would be best to tell younger generations, your peers, and your elders to just #GetALife.  It is never too late to discover yourself through others, and by taking a #chance to live your #dreams to support yourself financially, emotionally, and spiritually.


Japan Knows Chicken Wings #FatnessFirst


Say it with me “Se-Kah-EE-No-Yah-Ma-Cha-n”

手羽先 “te-bah-saki”= #ChickenWing

Being raised eating and loving only #ChickenWings (yes I was one of those kids),

I couldn’t believe what was in front of me:

A box with instructions on how to eat #手羽先!

#WTF #Japan is not about to teach ME how to eat #chickenwings!


Wings 2 Go #FatnessFirst












YES THEY DID! Besides the instructions on the box throwing me for a loop, the flavor…

UNBELIEVABLE! Delicious #spice!

This #FatnessFirst experience was so life/culture changing that I have introduced 20+ people to the addiction,

and counting…

本当にどうもありがとうございました@IAmKojoe for putting me on!

To top it off: They serve GOLDEN FLAKED CHICKEN WINGS!!! That’s #Baller Son!

Also used in #Jerky seasoning! Check your local #Conbini


Yamachan Wing Flavored Squid Jerky