#PinkFriday as tweeted by @ebonifiyah @TokyoTwilighter


Last week @ebonifiyah decided to take a listen to @NickiMinaj ‘s debut album #PinkFriday.  Well actually she was “Bored on the way to work so I’m listening to Pink Friday against my better judgement.”  Inspired by her tweets @TokyoTwilighter decided to join in on the #Twitter Review of #PinkFriday as well and here’s a tweet by tweet break down of the album as the ladies listened to the tracks.

1. “I’m the Best”  

@ebonifiyah This is cool until the chorus. Whoever suggested she sing that hook is not her friend.

@TokyoTwilighter Is it just me or does ‘im the best’ and ‘right thru me’ have similar beats… or maybe this is her ideal tempo? *check ‘right through me’ *check ‘im the best’ yeah… must be the same keys but different sounds or octaves.

2. Roman’s Revenge” (featuring Eminem) 

@ebonifiyah Roman’s Revenge absolutely sucks.

@TokyoTwilighter Like you trying to be… huh? Wait what did you just say??? #pinkFriday googling lyrics now.  This is an awful beat. what did you use?# headache…ugh… when does eminem come on? #pinkFriday We went from scratching nails on a chalkboard to a jack hammer breaking through concrete… Instrumental… dance break… something break please

3. “Did It on’em” 

@ebonifiyah Jury is still out.  I was however saying ‘shitted on em’ by the end of the track. #feelingbrainwashed

@TokyoTwilighter Decent but thanks to ur inability to make a clean track/get more lyrically creative this can’t get radio play #pinkFriday

4. Right Thru Me” 

@ebonifiyah We have already agreed that the only good thing about “Right Thru Me” is that fine man in the video. think I hit the R&B section of the album.

@TokyoTwilighter ‘Right thru me’ is awful … except for my excellent memory to remember that beautiful man in the video

5. “Fly” (featuring Rihanna) 

@ebonifiyah not a fan of the rapping lyrics on “fly” but i do like how rhi rhi sounds.

@TokyoTwilighter Unless your song is about the insect ‘fly’ dont call it ‘fly’ so overused. unless you’re writing a gospel song.  Actually don’t use the word fly period.  Unless… you’re talking about the insect or the fly on a man’s pants.

6. “Save Me” 

@ebonifiyah Not a horrible song.  Lyrics are kinda dope but seems misplaced on this album

@TokyoTwilighter  lol i was like this is a great beat! and then realized I had skipped in my itunes out of #pinkFriday to something @ekskwizet_beatz made.  Earlier advice abotu song titles, same goes for the title ‘save me’ only if you’re writing a gospel or theme song for law&order : SVU #pinkFriday i like that drum at 2:00 tho

7. “Moment 4 Life” (featuring Drake)  

@ebonifiyah the vocals on this one make me think nicki can actually sing, underwhelmed lyrically

@TokyoTwilighter #pinkFriday this song would be great… if TI and Rihanna…. BOB and Hayley Mills hadnt already done a better version of the same concept.  I wish she had rapped and found a guy to sing… thatd be different at least

8. Check It Out” (featuring will.i.am) 

@ebonifiyah sounds like it should be the theme song to that reality tv show Bad Girls Club  Bunch of chicks with no substance swearin they are the baddest chicks walking screaming about their haters

@TokyoTwilighter i just started to chew my imaginary bubble gum. i wish i had on some high tops with a PINK swoooosshhhhh #pinkFriday wow this track went from early 90s… to autoTune 2009 to a quick trip to the house floor… like im in a club with 5 rooms… oh damn u ruined my 90s vibe with auto tune at 2:04 $*&! i wish ‘check it out’ had a spanish version… how do i say ‘check it out’ in spanish?

9. “Blazin” (featuring Kanye West) 

@ebonifiyah I don’t hate “Blazin”. The voices she makes actually amuse me.

@TokyoTwilighter …. that’s all i can say.  even the Kanye verse is weak.

10. “Here I Am” 

@ebonifiyah The 2nd verse of “here i am” goes hard. the rest…eh.

@TokyoTwilighter This track sounds like it sampled a late 80s movie soundtrack.  #NOthankYou Did she rhyme part with part ….

11. “Dear Old Nicki” 

@ebonifiyah clever Sounds like she’s talking to a lover not a former version of herself.

@TokyoTwilighter This could be clever… if someone else had sung the hook.  I wonder why she didn’t have another female on these tracks.

12. Your Love 

@ebonifiyah Radio cut. Actually rocked this one hard this summer. This is the lane I think Nicki should stay in.

@TokyoTwilighter #CoSign with @ebonifiyah

13. “Last Chance” (featuring Natasha Bedingfield) 

@ebonifiyah Did I say those voices amuse me? “last chance” made me a liar. I take it back.  Don’t think she really need Natasha on this one. If she’s gonna go all pop white chick with her voice on this, why hire one?

@TokyoTwilighter Garbage (and not the stellar female rock band kind)

@ebonifiyah Overall not great but not horrible either.  This album is a tad schizophrenic.  I bore easily of hearing how fly folk are and how many haters they have. This is that album IMO

@TokyoTwilighter  These titles are awful.  You’d think a ‘lyrical mc’ would be more creative with her titles.  She really needs to figure out what kind of album she was trying to make… like you tried to throw 8 singles for 15 audiences onto here.  I can appreciate an artist wanting to experiment and reach out but build a base first and get in your lane before you start doing everything else too.