Go figure that one of the most knowlegable people in old school American hip hop would be a single wonder mom from Yokohama, Japan.  Did we mention that she’s never lived abroad?  #partyGirl from the good ‘ol days, hip hop encyclopedia and a twitter professional with tweets on everything from politics to love there are few topics that don’t interest our #DENTradio #twitterNews anchor

Blessed with those amazing Japanese genes, she’ll no doubt stay skinny and #FOREVERyoung long after the rest of us start to look #30something.  Nicknamed the ‘papparazzi’ for getting all the Tokyo girls caught on camera when everyone else is too tipsy to remember to keep snapping, our facebook albums would be a lot less interesting… and a lot less embarassing without @asian_bonita in our lives.

She tweets @asian_bonita and blogs on #hashtagMag

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