Мишка presents AC & Dell, “Right Now”

Hello Hello!

I mentioned AC&Dell last week on #DENTradio and almost forgot to share this mixtape with you all. This collaboration between AC, of Trouble and Bass and Dell o8o Harris, former front man of  the Thunderkatz,  is a great mix of party music and that sad love song we can all relate to.

Some of my personal favorites are Moments in Love featuring Megan Thomas which actually samples The Art of Noise’s “Moments In Love”, Garden State, Say That It’s Over and She Go Ham Featuring the White Light Syndrome. Right Now features collaborations with, B-Roc of Dacav5, Meagan Thomas, Ninjasonik, Nick Hook and more. This mixtape comes highly recommended and #PMB approved. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! Download Right Now here.

Follow them both on twitter, Dell at @DellWhiteLight and AC at @AC_Slater


#DENTradio Episode Two.

The Ladies are back! Check out Episode two which features music from Dj Honda, Kreva, AC&Dell, Weapons of Audio and Deucez. Also, Interview with Chilly-O, learn more Japanese and listen to win a #carepackage from the ladies! 😉


Listen to the song (giggles… you have to listen to know what it is) Tell me: The Name of the artist and the song of the original song sampled. Also, give me three other artists who have sampled this same melody!

Gambatte ne!