One surefire way to get you into a Half Asian’s good graces is to accept them.

You can say things like this:

“You may be half asian, half ____ but I see you as both.”

“I can’t believe Asian people would say you’re white, and White people say you’re Asian. It’s not cool people don’t accept you. I accept you.”

These are some good starting points for compliments. Tailor them to make them your own! Then you and your half asian friend will get closer. Read more of this post



 Natasha Khan, aka Bat for Lashes, is the brainchild behind the critical and commercial success of the rock/alt pop group. It’s not so much a group as it is Khan supported by a shifting and varied group of performers who join her on stage and in the recording studio. Khan’s artistic vision and haunting lyrics/vocals are the trademark of Bat for Lashes. Read more of this post


Madam Butterfly plays with her mixed baby.

Whenever I see a family where one of the parents is Asian and one isn’t, I am so happy. I feel like I’m seeing my family yo!

Tiger Woods with parents.

One time I was at a bakery and this Asian girl points me out to her white boyfriend and goes “We could have one of those!”

Yep Asian lady, you can.

(I wonder if they did?) Read more of this post


Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl, the duo behind The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger

Sean Lennon, son of British music legend John Lennon and Japanese artist Yoko Ono, has formed a new music group with his life partner, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger. The first album dropped October 26, 2010 and the duo will tour starting in January 2011. They’ve played live sets for WNYC and SXSW, as well as recently performing earlier this month in Los Angeles.  It’s a quirky folk rock sound emphasizing vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar, and quirky lyrics about everything from nature to space to…romance of course! 🙂

“Lavender Road” The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger

Check out their myspace for more live sets and tour dates:

To purchase music check out itunes and Amazon.

<3 Mieko


Anthropologists study…skulls and ethnic origins…and uh…evolution and things like that. So a lot of times they develop a natural ability to assess a human’s origin just by lookin’ at ’em. This results in bar conversations that go like this:

Anthropologist: Hi, are you mixed race?

Half Asian: Why yes, uh, yes I am…how did you know…

Anthropologist: I have an eye for these things. -awkward silence-

Half Asian: (cough)

Anthropologist: You have very high cheekbones…a bit asian I presume?

Half Asian: Yes, I am part asian.

Anthropologist: Ahhh…yes. Chinese? You have fair skin. Is it the Chinese or the Japanese that have fair skin? I know one of them is yellow…(ponders)

Half Asian: Um, I think it just depends…

Anthropologist: Japanese, you’re definetly part Japanese.

Half Asian: Yep. Wow. You’re good.

Anthropologist: And your other half…(steps back and squints)…Irish?

Half Asian: No, why? What…?

Anthropologist: Well your hair is very red.

Half Asian: I dyed it red.

Anthropologist: Ohhh! Wow, it’s a very interesting look on you.

And so on.

This is always a really awesome experience because it gives the Half Asian a sense of recognition and importance. A lot of people often wish they were a different ethnicity, or multiple ethnicities, so it’s a fun privilege of being half asian to hear anthropologists go through their mental rolodex of ethnicities. Depending on the experience level of the anthropologist, they may guess a variety of ethnicities and nationalities before reaching the right combination. Nationalities such as Hawaiian, Brazilian, and Mexican are typical rookie mistakes. Unless of course the half asian is partly/wholly those nationalities.

Of course…what happens when worlds collide?! When the half asian becomes the anthropologist…? Well the world has come pretty close to this incarnation…namely when Tia Carrere (of mixed Hawaiian, Filipino, Chinese, Spanish descent) took on the title role in RELIC HUNTER, a 90s tv series I greatly enjoyed as a kid.

So maybe that’s a future post one day…not just MEETING anthropologists…but BEING anthropologists. We’ll make it there one day kiddos…


Alexa Chung won Vogue's Best Dressed of the week in early November in this unconventional cocktail outfit.

For those of you who have never heard of Alexa Chung, boy you are missing out! The 1/4 Asian (showin some 1/4 asian love!) ex-model turned TV presenter and fashion designer is one of the coolest people ever. Born in England to a 1/2 Chinese father and English mother, Alexa is now a consistent fashion IT girl. She is also known for being the longtime girlfriend of Alex Turner, lead guitarist/vocalist for British rock band The Arctic Monkeys.

She is always on the fashion radar it seems, popping up early this November as the winner of the online poll on VOGUE for the best “MODERN COCKTAIL” ensemble.

I’m also excited to see she is a contender for Best Dressed of the Year, right up there amongst fashion icons such as Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker.

She is known for her impeccable take on street style, one that she is now (yay!) bringing to British label Madewell. 

What I really like about this spunky 1/4 asian is her personality! She is really funny and down to earth, and was a great a host of the MTV entertainment show “It’s On with Alexa Chung.” (which I believe is no longer on the air)

Check out this interview she did with Disney star with Demi Lovato…Alexa cracks me up…she jokes about texting Miley Cyrus from Demi’s cell…lol!

#1 Modelling #StuffHalfAsiansLike

You can’t stop a half asian from modeling. It’s just what happens to us. I could be 35 and smoking and I could still leave my job as a bank clerk to go model, just because, yes, I am #halfAsian. Maggie Q was just walking along one day and lost her hat in a breeze, and some videographer for Shiseido caught it all on tape and now it’s a friggin commercial for chrissake! (See above video).

Devon Aoki with Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.

See above, Devon Aoki is a runway model even though she’s only 5″6 – teeny tiny by normal people standards! Most modeling agencies won’t even see you if you’re below 5″8. But here she is doing Chanel runway!

Powerful stuff.

Aline Nakashima, Brazilian-Japanese.

So if you want to be original and you’re half asian, don’t model. It’s kinda played out. Unless you really need the cash, then move to Japan. VIVI magazine appears to only use us mixed asians.

Half Asians in full force for VIVI

That or this publication was started by a group of shunned half asians…I’m not sure. In any case, they really like that look. Start there aspiring halfie model! #GoForth.

Porn star Asia Carrera

Or maybe part asians just don’t get enough love, which is why we are drawn to modeling. Above, porn star Asia Carrera strikes a pose.

In any case, modeling is cool and fab and I’m glad it’s a viable career option for half asian peeps. Much like a budding blues guitarist should know Muddy Waters or Chuck Berry, would-be half asian models should know who came before them.

Daniel Henney…modeling…

However, remember that if you meet a half asian model that it’s not like meeting your ‘average’ model. This half asian may very well be just a bored college student or UPS deliveryman who got dragged in front of a camera. Treat them like you would a full-asian girl who does import car modeling.

Model salutes car show.

You see, as an import car model explained to me, it is a type of modeling for girls too short for regular modeling. There are plenty of very good looking, professional Asian chicks out there pursuing this, but as many Asians know, it’s not exactly the most discerning profession. If you’re skinny and Asian and will wear the hot shorts and can stand for several hours, you will be hired.

So it’s similar with half asians. If you’re half asian and someone wants to take your photo, it may end up in an ad or magazine. Just sayin.