#DENTradio Episode 12! itunes down! Soundcloud for now! :)

Happy New Year! The Ladies are back again for you this week! On soundcloud for a second! Having itunes problems!

ATL! Ohayo! And Happy Bithday @Daisha_Hunter, more great music on dent this week from Atl, Tokyo, Korea and the nihongo word of the day.
In studio guest @sweet_sue_shine here with @Jayda_b today to talk about a great new film project in ATL coming up soon, listen for details and her contact information
and a #fatnessfirst report from @daisha_hunter live from last week’s Izakaya.
We have some really great news coming up and a wonderful opportunity. We want to say thanks for your support, all of the RTing and all of the good vibes we have been getting we really appreciate it.
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Episode 11 #DENTradio

@Jayda_b is live in shinjuku japan with @iamkojoe and @daisha_hunter getting ready for the new year at japanese izakaya!
Listen to more music from @drazilla, @mrphillade @nikkiJean Donnis, Suite Chick and more!

Happy new years everyone from the ladies of dent radio
live in izakaya~

Mata raishuuuu 




Episode 11. <— here on itunes via podomatic!

Thank you for your support and happy new year!!

#DENTradio Episode 10

Merry Christmas and thanks for tuning in on Christmas Eve!
Enjoy music from @romefortune @_spacebar UTADA wise + Aoyama thelma and another one closing the show from Ethereal. 


More twitter news in Nihongo + English, The Japanese word of the week “Natsukashi” and interview and music by up and coming Atl DJ/Producer @nickthequick89

Happy Holidays

“If you arent with the one you love, love the one your with”

Merry Christmas + Love from the ladies of Dent.



Episode 10. <<— here

#DENTradio Episode 9

Episode 9! Now you can subscribe to us via itunes! New link posted below. This week the ladies are live in SHINJUKU giving holiday greetings to you all.

Music montage for your listening pleasure this week!

Thank you for the continued support as we continue to grow!

Episode 9.


#DENTradio episode 8 More music from ATL JPN and now Philly

Welcome Welcome back! We’re here again for you as always.
This week the ladies are here with more music but this time, not only from ATL and JPN, but from Philly. Some of @Jayda_b’s favorite musicians come out of Philly so take a listen to some of her favorite Philly bands. Also, more twitter news in Japanese and English, a #fatnessfirst report from @daisha_hunter and the Japanese word of the day, “Itakakimasu”.

Music from @bobATL from his new mixtape “No Genre” @Tuphace, Nouveau Riche and more!
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#DENTradio Episode Seven

Ohayo Atl, Gnite Tokyo!
We’re here again for you and this week we have an interview with @HelloBosco as well as a snippet from a new track off of her upcoming project “Black”. Learn more Japanese and how to use the word “Nani”. Also more music from @GoDreamer @LovemadeMusic @SenorKaos x @StacyEpps and more!
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Oh oh oh! Surprise coming soon! How do you guys feel about a #DENTradio mixtape? 🙂

#DENTradio Episode Six

#DENTradio here again this week! @Jayda_b holding it down for you with great music from ATL X JAPAN. This week we have music from, The Jaspects, @MumsFP, Dj Hasebe, @DaleCanFlo, Bonnie Pink and more!

Continue to learn Japanese with this week’s word “Sugoi”. Interview with the awesome @MeccaGodzilla from NY. Listen to a clip and catch the entire interview here on monday from the #DENTradio ladies.

#Fatnessfirst report call in from @Daisha_Hunter and the #Twitternews report from our lovelies @Asian_Bonita and @Ebonifiyah

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