#Kampai! Lets make, シャンヂガフ!

What? I know that’s what you said when you tried to read the katakana. 😉 Lets make Shandy Gafu! Shandy Gafu’s are a favorite cocktail among most young women in Japan. What is a Shandy Gafu you ask? This cocktail consists of 50%beer and 50% ginger ale, blended together to make a sweet beer mix. To make this, I recommend you use your favorite beer, Japanese, American or any type and Schwepps  ale. Just don’t use PBR for this one. I actually had a bartender make one for me in Atlanta over the summer, and it was horrible. Let that be a warning. Some blends that I recommend are Blue Moon from the US, or Sapporo from Japan.

Shandy’s are actually some of our ladies favorite drinks. @kyono69 and I’s to be exact. Try out this recipe and let us know what you think. Even balling on a budget, you can still drink #classy with that champagne glass in the back of your cabinet. lol




Tokyo is a huge city with so many restaurants, bars and clubs yet I too often find myself going back to the same places in hotspots like Shibuya and Roppongi. So I’ve decided to make an effort to get lost in Tokyo’s streets (fortunately it doesn’t take too much effort!) so I can discover secret hole-in-the-wall drinking spots that are in abundance in Tokyo.

First one on the list — Derori. A 10-minute walk towards Ometosando from Shibuya, Derori has an avante-garde, old school rock vibe. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by a lovely, older woman who turned out to be the owner. The crowd was small but stylish – a group of 6 people lining the bar and 2 other groups on a table and couch. We all later converged to one table and got chatting. Work in the art and film industries is not all they had in common, but also their seasoned knowledge and love for underground music and art scenes.

The venue is decked out like no other – a voodoo doll hanging from the roof being the most memorable accessory. There was a new, funky art collection adding color to the underground spot where drinks averaged around 700yen (the Malibu Pine was worth every yen!) and yummy homemade food was on offer. There are DJ decks set up so if you’re planning to come, make sure you don’t forget to bring your own vinyl or cds to mix live. If your Gen Y, you can take to the stage with your iPhone to play some tracks.

Definitely want to go back to Derori… Oh wait, gotta go somewhere new!


#Kampai “Yuengling”

Personal photos of one of my favorite beers, Yuengling, takes me back just this past summer when I was able to spend it in Atl. It was a nice break from Japanese beers, if I do say so myself. Cheap and comforting, I highly recommend this brew on tap or on draft and it goes perfect on those hot summer Atl days. Everyone knows we love PBR in Atl, but sometimes I wonder why people don’t go ahead and purchase this beer instead of PBR.

In case you were not aware, it is the same price as PBR, but it is bit better tasting. Less bitter and wont leave you with that horrible PBR hangover that we all know too well. Okay, I lied. But whats $2 versus $3? Take your pic, I love both, but as of right now, Yuengling please.


#Kampai Monday 起きて

Kampai Monday
#BlameItOnTheAlcohol Asleep in the Ramen
Kampaii Monday
Lmao… #checkOut this chick’s #shoeGame …                                                    compliments on the #LV bag #longnite


Thank you to @cam_i_amm for the great shots again this week.  Let’s all be thankful we didn’t get caught on camera.  #kamPaii

#KampaiMonday 起きて!

Every Monday we look back at the weekend and thank goodness no one caught us on camera like these fools.

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This week’s photos were submitted by @TokyoTrinbago & @cam_I_Amm



Drunk and asleep on the train

we all do it... sleep on the first train home in the morning...

Passed out in front of the closed shop

I like to sleep near big blue signs.