HODGEPODGE – successful debut!

HODGEPODGE in Vuenos, Shibuya was the place to be on Tokyo’s Thanksgiving Holiday, and for 280 music and art-loving people it was! We had more to give thanks to on this day, particularly the 14 performers who rocked the stage and and various artists who flaunted their admirable works.

Hosted by GuitarFish Media and promoted by The Event Ladies, HODGEPODGE is an art and music event that aims to bridge Japan and the world’s music scenes. The goals were many. 1) To bring together musicians and artists from all around the world. Achieved with flying colors. 2) To take the American model of musical performance where performers do not have to pay to perform and apply it to Japan. Tick! 3) To expose our audience to a variety of musical genres. Check!

A mixture of bands, singers and DJs took to the B1F and 1F of Vuenos. The bands were SikDux (http://www.myspace.com/sikdux), Papersky (www.paperskymusic.com), Arisa Safu (who definitely knows how to get the party started!) & the Rovers (www.myspace.com/arisasafu), ground rhythm function (http://www.myspace.com/groundrhythmfunction), BOMmER (www.bommer-5.com/p/), Black Lambs Head (http://hp.xxxxxxx.jp/lambs13head/), Aphelion (www.myspace.com/aphelionbandjapan), Sure as my Pledge (sureasmypledge.com). Singers and rappers included Aisha (who is about to debut her first CD!) and her sexy backup dancers (www.aisha-online.com), Full Circle (www.myspace.com/fullcircleofficial), Eva Kestner on awesome Taiko drums (www.evakestner.com), DropOuts, Faith and Kevin Koyasu.

Artists, whose works added color and texture to 5F/6F Lounge Neo, included Sarika & Momo (http://blog.tokyoartpaf.com) Frankie Cihi (http://frankiecihi.com/home.html), Erika Jonko Spencer Iwai (http://ameblo.jp/jonkobonko><http://drunkduck.com/Jonkos_Picture_Diary/index.php), Natsumi Kitano, Hanami Okuno, Hananosuke Ikegaya, Satoko Akai, Yurika, Erina Mine, Kaori Morita, Saeki Otsuka and Monet Takauchi

The DJs were few but fun – DJ FYO (http://www.myspace.com/fyo1985), DJ GATO (http://sarapuro.web.fc2.com/) and DJ Tsukasa.

All that for just 1,500yen!

A big arigatou to sponsors DagMusic (http://www.dagmusic.com) and Rogutore (http://www.rogutore.com)

Considering the success of this debut event, plans are in the making to make this event bi-annual or annual. Whether you’re into rock, visual kei or taiko drumming, there’s something for everyone so make sure you don’t miss the next event!

For more information see http://www.wix.com/guitarfish/hodgepodge or email guitarfish.media@gmail.com


@AprilSyrup #ArtExhibit at ROTI #Roppongi

There are a lot of women that I admire but April Syrup always makes it pretty high on my list.  She is one of those people you could dislike because she is so damn good at so many things #youKNowtheType but her sincerity and genuine love of the arts make it impossible.  Check out her #diningWithArt exhibit at #fatnessFirst haven Roti in #Roppongi

Special reception to be held this Sunday, November 28th  7-9pm For just 2,500 yen you can enjoy 2 drinks+food and beautiful art by Ms April Syrup herself.

HODGEPODGE event Next Tue Shibuya

Come join us at HODGEPODGE November 23th in  Shibuya @ VUENOS

Come see live music, art and Taiko Drummers and meet the people behind the event supporting local music in Tokyo.

http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=165979356747860 <— RSVP here! Yoroshiku!

#YUMEFest #Tokyo!

Wild outfits, the best of hip hop beats, party animals from across the globe and plenty of booze set the tone for YUME FEST’s unforgettable debut in Tokyo, Japan last night.

YUME FEST (@YumeandBeyond) is a global grassroots festival that looks to support, celebrate, and re-define the vibrant urban contemporary music, art and fashion community around the globe. It brings international musicians, artists and fashionistas together to showcase their talent, skill and knowledge in excitingly innovative ways.

Its aim is to contribute to an international exchange of ideas and methods, helping to bridge the global gap faced by indepenDENTs in these industries.

Uccess Lounge in Harajuku was the perfect backdrop for the 4 hour event which was locally produced by YUME FEST’s stategic parnter ENTOKYO (@ENTokyojp). Led by wonder women Daisha Hunter (@daisha_hunter) and Mariko Lochridge (@tokyotwilighter), it serves as a liaison for emerging brands and urban talent wishing to enter Tokyo’s thriving entertainment market.

On the topic of talent, the lineup of artists were Ohga (@ohgamusic), Chusei (@chuseihbb), DJ Tomoko (@djtomoko) + Ucca (@Ucca23), @MeccaGodzilla, @alivegreenst + @soupagreenst, @conscious and @eye2025. Too many to wax lyrical but definitely worth checking them and their Tweets out!

The highlight of the night was without a doubt the sensual Raye 6 (@universeof6). Erotic, wordly and oozing enormous talent, this sexy singer, song-writer, producer and performer from Brooklyn stole the show with her hair high and eyelashes long, and her accompanying Bubble Girls. Her performance of Universal Lover, released just days ago, proved her sounds to be psychedelic and soulful and her creativity unrepressed. Hats off to the people at CMJ who have described her as “The woman with the hurricane vocals”, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Japan born, Queens bred artist Kojoe (@iamkojoe) smashed his set, flaunting his musical styling which spans eras of the past, present, and future, and which can be heard in his rap flow, song melodies, and production arrangements. Bearing lyrical fluency in both Japanese and English, and the first Asian artist signed to Rawkus Records, Kojoe is now back in Japan and remains dedicated to giving respect to the black art form of Hip Hop, and meaning to the Japanese Hip Hop industry and homeland cultural connection that has yet to be made by any artist thus far.

Hands up for the DJs for an epic, NY-party-worthy atmosphere – @Keerekeera, @djyukijirushi, @daisha_hunter, @djtomu and @polstyle.

The DENT Radio (@Hashtagmag) ladies Jayda B (@Jayda_b) and Chee (@asian_bonita) were in full swing throughout the night – twittering away, live streaming on UStream and interviewing the artists and DJs to find out what they have to say about the event, life, choking girls(!) and everything and anything dope.

Sponsors included cute nail artists @fumeeky; funky clothing labels @chiefmischief, @rocksmithtokyo, @dtoperfection and @goliathrf; and media groups @musicstrengthtv and @futuresoundtv.

The night finished at Uccess without a moment of silence, and it was just getting started at The Game in Shibuya for this bunch of music and fashion loving guys and gals who know how to party right all night.

@PrettyBoyKobe #OnToTheNextOne party @ClubMidas


@PrettyBoyKobe 3rd Saturdays @ClubMidas

#OnToTheNextOne @ClubMidas


Here @HashtagMag we have a special place in our hearts for @PrettyBoyKobe not only because he throws great parties but because he recently gave his old iTouch to @TokyoTwilighter to cheer her up when she was having a bad run of luck.

Check out his party every 3rd Saturday @ClubMidas from 11pm.  Celebrities such as Ne-Yo, Memphis Bleek, Cameo, Trina, Blackstreet and Chris Brown have all stopped through on their tours of Japan to this spot.

Hit up TokyoTwilighter@gmail.com for guest list discounts or birthday party plans!