AC & Dell “Right Now” Video

“Right now” by AC&Dell was played on #DENTradio a few weeks ago. Check out the video here on hashtag.

Of course the ladies of hashtagmag love the fellas downing the sake bombs at the end! Kampai boys!


Beatz & Bowl: Daisha Hunter’s BirthDai Bash 2.9


Daisha Hunter’s BirthDai Bash 2.9
January 7, 2011 FriDai, 11:00~5:00am
…Sasazuka Bowl, Tokyo (Sasazuka Stn. Keio Line)
笹塚ボウル、東京 (笹塚駅)
¥2,500/1 Drink (Includes Shoes + Unlimited Bowling)

+BirthDai Cupcakes by Candi Cakes

DAISHA “Dai*Light” HUNTER (ENTokyo/DaiTime)

Access Sasazuka Bowl:
Keio Line-Sazasuka Stn. Exit Left Out of Gate
(Located in the building in front of the station, look left)



The sign Capricorn is symbolized by the Goat.
Your sign’s element is Earth. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. You are honest, thorough, practical, ambitious, business-like and careful. Capricorn can be cold and aloof. You are determined, dependable, responsible and may be interested in collecting antiques. Capricorn is very often politically minded. You have an excellent sense of timing. Capricorn is also patient, reserved, cautious, faithful and shrewd. You possess a great deal of drive, and your sense of duty is very strong. Capricorn can be very suspicious at times. Possible negative aspects of the sign Capricorn:You can be unfeeling, gloomy, pessimistic, miserly, unyielding, self centered, and revengeful.

#KampaiMonday 起きて!

Please sell.


It’s Monday and it might be getting colder but all the more reason to #Kampai!  This week our photo comes from #DENTradio creator herself @jayda_b We kid you not, the sign behind these proud fools say ‘Please sell’ *falls down SMH

Don’t be like them!

#Kampai! Lets make, シャンヂガフ!

What? I know that’s what you said when you tried to read the katakana. 😉 Lets make Shandy Gafu! Shandy Gafu’s are a favorite cocktail among most young women in Japan. What is a Shandy Gafu you ask? This cocktail consists of 50%beer and 50% ginger ale, blended together to make a sweet beer mix. To make this, I recommend you use your favorite beer, Japanese, American or any type and Schwepps  ale. Just don’t use PBR for this one. I actually had a bartender make one for me in Atlanta over the summer, and it was horrible. Let that be a warning. Some blends that I recommend are Blue Moon from the US, or Sapporo from Japan.

Shandy’s are actually some of our ladies favorite drinks. @kyono69 and I’s to be exact. Try out this recipe and let us know what you think. Even balling on a budget, you can still drink #classy with that champagne glass in the back of your cabinet. lol


#Kampai Monday 起きて


thick n thin, drunk n wasted, no matter what happens, nothing make them apart... true love... awe!!!

Thank you @asian_bonita for reminding us that #TRUElove means even drunk we will never be alone…

HODGEPODGE – successful debut!

HODGEPODGE in Vuenos, Shibuya was the place to be on Tokyo’s Thanksgiving Holiday, and for 280 music and art-loving people it was! We had more to give thanks to on this day, particularly the 14 performers who rocked the stage and and various artists who flaunted their admirable works.

Hosted by GuitarFish Media and promoted by The Event Ladies, HODGEPODGE is an art and music event that aims to bridge Japan and the world’s music scenes. The goals were many. 1) To bring together musicians and artists from all around the world. Achieved with flying colors. 2) To take the American model of musical performance where performers do not have to pay to perform and apply it to Japan. Tick! 3) To expose our audience to a variety of musical genres. Check!

A mixture of bands, singers and DJs took to the B1F and 1F of Vuenos. The bands were SikDux (, Papersky (, Arisa Safu (who definitely knows how to get the party started!) & the Rovers (, ground rhythm function (, BOMmER (, Black Lambs Head (, Aphelion (, Sure as my Pledge ( Singers and rappers included Aisha (who is about to debut her first CD!) and her sexy backup dancers (, Full Circle (, Eva Kestner on awesome Taiko drums (, DropOuts, Faith and Kevin Koyasu.

Artists, whose works added color and texture to 5F/6F Lounge Neo, included Sarika & Momo ( Frankie Cihi (, Erika Jonko Spencer Iwai (><, Natsumi Kitano, Hanami Okuno, Hananosuke Ikegaya, Satoko Akai, Yurika, Erina Mine, Kaori Morita, Saeki Otsuka and Monet Takauchi

The DJs were few but fun – DJ FYO (, DJ GATO ( and DJ Tsukasa.

All that for just 1,500yen!

A big arigatou to sponsors DagMusic ( and Rogutore (

Considering the success of this debut event, plans are in the making to make this event bi-annual or annual. Whether you’re into rock, visual kei or taiko drumming, there’s something for everyone so make sure you don’t miss the next event!

For more information see or email

@AprilSyrup #ArtExhibit at ROTI #Roppongi

There are a lot of women that I admire but April Syrup always makes it pretty high on my list.  She is one of those people you could dislike because she is so damn good at so many things #youKNowtheType but her sincerity and genuine love of the arts make it impossible.  Check out her #diningWithArt exhibit at #fatnessFirst haven Roti in #Roppongi

Special reception to be held this Sunday, November 28th  7-9pm For just 2,500 yen you can enjoy 2 drinks+food and beautiful art by Ms April Syrup herself.