Stones Throw: Peanut Butter Wolf & Dam Funk

Stones Throw : Spring 2010

Welcome to EBISU!

This is one of those spots that you always hear about.  All  the parties have great titles like ‘Turn on the Sunlight’ or ‘The Island of Curiosity’.   Yet you are always daunted by the fact that it is in Daikanyama.  For many of you this name may not even register, I can see you googling the name now.  This area is famous for great cafes and shopping… by day, but by night?  The only other notable club in walking distance is M space so basically you’re stuck until the first train in the morning.  And if the event turns out to be a bust then that’s a long night.

On the other hand, the great thing about Daikanyama’s Unit is that it has a cafe, a lounge space and a stage so actually there is no reason to go somewhere else.  The food is good and reasonably priced.  The cafe is frequented by Tokyo A-listers so you might spot your favorite model or TV personality enjoying dessert in the stylish restaurant.

From an event planner’s point of view, the staff in charge of booking and shows are extremely kind and professional.  There is at least one member who speaks English fluently.

However, the cost of the venue is high and promoters are urged to proceed with caution in today’s economy.  Pre-sale tickets for concerts are strongly encouraged and if you can get a sponsor, then get one because the venue costs nearly 10 grand and doesn’t include security, a translator, a sound technician or any other staff other than the bar and door.  On the upside, Unit has a great website that is checked regularly by fans of the venue and they support all events in their venue with above average promotion.

Sound will vary depending on the equipment though is generally of high-quality and there is only one entrance with a mandatory ID check so expect long lines for popular events.  The stage is farily spacious and can easily fit two sets of turntables and performers.  High ceilings give it a theater feel that many clubs/live houses don’t have and the bar  area does not block a path to the stage.


Artist rooms look like they’ve been attacked by a class of kindergarteners with markers and sharp objects.   It’s questionable as to how long the drinks have been sitting in the tiny fridge or if the fridge even works.  But security is good and unless the artists want to meet the fans it is unlikely that any will make it backstage to beg for autographs.

3 Quick Fixes

A.  Add 3-4 lines to the door to improve flow into the venue.

B.  Utilize the giant screen advantageously for all acts not just those who ask for it,  that or change the order of the acts.    Having an act that does video mixing followed by one that doesn’t is a sharp contrast.  This an obvious negative for act 2.

C.  Provide all venue staff with pins, t-shirts, stickers or something to wear with the sponsor’s name/logo.


And that’s a Tokyo Twilighter venue report!