Good #Japanese Music : #Gagle “Big Bang Theory”

This video is by “Big Bang Theory” by Gagle and the visual is #DOPE. They are from the most northern part of #Japan, #Hokkaido. It is super cold up there so this video definitely does it’s part to rep the culture! I love the track. It sounds like #Premier to me but it was produced by Mr. Beats, a  Japanese #producer. I love their sound all around so check out their other songs.



 Natasha Khan, aka Bat for Lashes, is the brainchild behind the critical and commercial success of the rock/alt pop group. It’s not so much a group as it is Khan supported by a shifting and varied group of performers who join her on stage and in the recording studio. Khan’s artistic vision and haunting lyrics/vocals are the trademark of Bat for Lashes. Read more of this post

#DENTradio interview with Brittany Bosco, @HelloBosco

Savannah bred Brittany Bosco, or now “Bosco” tells us her inspiration behind her music, her experiences abroad and how she has evolved as an artist. Allowing me to interview her at 5am, this woman never sleeps and stays working on her craft. Meet the corky and darling, Bosco.

For those who don’t know, who is Brittany Bosco?
Brittany Bosco is, fun, energetic and a girl definitely. I’m a musician and a friend. I actually hate when people ask me this question because people always end up giving the most cornball-ish answers that don’t make sense. Like I am now, clearly! I’m trying to figure out Miss Bosco daily.

Where are you from?
I’m from Savannah, Georgia. Although the majority of people think that I am from Atlanta, Georgia I’m not. I totally represent Savannah all day.

What brought you to Atlanta?
Actually, I wanted to finish my degree in Atlanta. I went to SCAD, Savannah Campus (Savannah College of Art and Design) and I wanted my last year to be in Atlanta for music opportunities and I was tired of Savannah because it is a small city. I didn’t want to jump from Savannah straight to New York. So one day I decided, “hmm I think I’m going to move to Atlanta” and the next month I just moved.

One of your goals is to move to New York?
OK. This is what I really want to do, I really would like to move over seas, but I don’t know if I can do that because my whole creative base is here (in the states). My friends are all here and I wouldn’t know anybody there. [laughs] I would be so lonely! I guess for now its between LA and New York. I’ll be figuring that out hopefully by May. I really wanna experience and conquer New York on all basis! I’m mostly looking forward to street fashion.

Who are some of your musical inspirations right now and ever?
Oh! I just downloaded some music tonight. I love Amel Larrieux. Her voice is so honest and she’s the only person that I know of who can sing off key, right under the note and it still sound good. I also love Saint Vincent, Feist, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughn and Jolie Holland.

Where do you get some of your Lyrical inspirations?
I love to read. I call myself a blog whore. I’m always on blogs about design or quotes. I get a lot of my inspiration from everyday interaction. I feel like the generation that we live in, dialogue has become obsolete. I love having get-togethers where we can just talk about our views on culture and life and our everyday struggles. I would say mostly right now, the human dialogue is where I get most of my inspiration.

What is your musical background? Did you grow up playing instruments and composing your own music?
I just started playing instruments recently. Let me tell you a story. I became so frustrated at one point about things in my career that I took out all of my savings and one day I was just like “fuck this shit! I’m going to go out and buy everything I need because no one wants to help me so fuck it!”  I took out my money and I brought a laptop, a mic, some drums a keyboard and I started fiddling around with it. I recently started to play the guitar, I’ll say since May of this year. I’ve been producing and arranging my own stuff since May. As far as song writing, I really didn’t start off as a songwriter, I started off as a poet. I would just write things in my journal and I would look through it and think, “okay this sounds good, this sounds good” and so on. I started cultivating my songwriting skills and that’s pretty much how it started.

How did you become so involved with music? Did you always have it in the back of your mind where you thought, “Okay, I’m going to be a singer”.
I knew I was a singer when I was six years old in the adult choir at church. I used to lead in some of the songs. I went to this church called College Park in Savannah. My mom would have me singing Regina Belle and Patti Le Belle and I just remember how it felt to just entertain and give something back to people and at a young age I realized that. I would see how music could change and inspire people. So I just kept singing from the age of about six or seven. I actually gave up singing for a year when I was about 19. I didn’t really know how to start correctly, I was in Savannah, which is a smaller city so I didn’t really know what to do and then I got TMJ. TMJ is a jaw muscle “Thing”. I was singing in chorus one day and my jaw just locked. I had to go to the doctor and get surgery and they told me I couldn’t sing for a while. I just remember thinking, “Fuck, this is a sign, maybe this isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing.” But that’s not true.

What’s your reasoning behind changing your name from Brittany Bosco, to just BOSCO? When I went over seas, I really got in touch with myself. It has a lot to do with that. I started learning things about myself that I never knew. I felt like I was being reborn as a visual artist and as a musical artist. I just wasn’t the same Brittany Bosco that was on “City of Nowhere” and “Spectrum”. That whole overseas experience was like a breath of fresh air. I could see myself and what I wanted to do in all capacities. Another reason why we changed it is because it just looks better. Everyone calls me Bosco anyway.

Would you say the music from your first project “Spectrum” doesn’t reflect who you are today? Oh no! I’ve changed so much but in a good way. I’m evolving and slowing moving in a direction that I’m comfortable with now, and I’ve sent you some music and I’m sure you can tell a big difference.

What are some differences from your first project “Spectrum” from the new upcoming project, “Black”? Why the new sound, changes in style and lyrics and how your European trip inspired the concepts?
Originally eight months ago, we wanted to do this album on a white to grey to black scale. The first four songs would be “white”, which would be very light, very delicate and very ambient. Mostly consisting of lots of strip down sounds, which would then move into the grey area. Grey would be more “hard” and you would hear more heavy drumming and electric guitar and then black would be like rock and roll. I just wanted to have a transition in my album and I tried to think of ways that I could correlate the “art” part of it with the concept of “Black”. Now saying that, the entire direction of my album has changed. I want people to know that I really am trained in these areas. I really think its time for people and artists to just go outside of the norm. I think its just time to change the standard format of what goes into a song. I want “Black” to be an experience. And I want the listener to see an entirely different light. I want the listener to get that standard format of what “Black” music is out of their head. It doesn’t have to be R&B and Rap music. We can do Classical music, we can do Pop, we can do everything. I just want to break people out of their comfort zone. Now, its kind of playing on both sides a bit. The artistic side and the musical side, if that makes any sense at all. “Black” is more conceptual, and a lot more vocal driven. I have a better grasp of who I am as an artist being that I’m playing and helping produce my album and “sound”.

How do you think people will respond to the new sound and the changes u made since Europe?
I think people will like it. I want my fans to grow with me to experience the journey and my fuck-ups. It’s definitely something new, more honest and organic. This sound has come through patience and I’m still developing and nurturing it.

How has the European tour changed you as a person and an artist?
I know for a fact that my demographic is overseas. I had my first sold out show overseas. That’s never happened before. The level of respect that’s they give for your craft just blows everything over here in the states out of the water. They buy merchandise! They fully engage in everything you put out and I love them for that. As far as being an artist, that just showed me that I don’t have to be scared to be who I really want to be. Sometimes over here I feel that I have to hold back or dumb down what I really want to do. I’m not doing that anymore. Either you like it, or you don’t. I just want to share that experience that I had and expose people to something new. That’s where I am right now.

#DENTradio Episode Seven

Ohayo Atl, Gnite Tokyo!
We’re here again for you and this week we have an interview with @HelloBosco as well as a snippet from a new track off of her upcoming project “Black”. Learn more Japanese and how to use the word “Nani”. Also more music from @GoDreamer @LovemadeMusic @SenorKaos x @StacyEpps and more!
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Cee Lo Green “Its Okay”

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