#DENTradio Episode Six

#DENTradio here again this week! @Jayda_b holding it down for you with great music from ATL X JAPAN. This week we have music from, The Jaspects, @MumsFP, Dj Hasebe, @DaleCanFlo, Bonnie Pink and more!

Continue to learn Japanese with this week’s word “Sugoi”. Interview with the awesome @MeccaGodzilla from NY. Listen to a clip and catch the entire interview here on monday from the #DENTradio ladies.

#Fatnessfirst report call in from @Daisha_Hunter and the #Twitternews report from our lovelies @Asian_Bonita and @Ebonifiyah

We want feedback from you guys! We appreciate all of the “RT”s but are you really listening? 😉 Let us know what you think of the show so far! Are we dope? Lame? just okay? or maybe you don’t really give a *beep* 😉 Let us know! Hit us up at Dentradio@gmail.com and tweet the ladies! Thank you for your support! We will be changing soon, people moving and new ladies will be added! Figuring out ways to make it better for your listening pleasure.

Cho arigatou goza!

Mata, raishu ne.


#DENTradio Episode Five!

We’re back! We’re not going anywhere! This week recap with us on the #YUMEfest. Interview with @Alivegreenst, @thebkgoodguy and @soupagreenst.

Music this week from, Cee Lo, Mach Five, Dj Hasebe, Mecca Godzilla, RE and more!
Read the yume fest review on hashtagmag and also welcome our new blogger @simmygintokyo and our new section #Stuffhalfasianslike
This week on #DENTradio

Keep and eye out for we have a surprise for you! Yoroshiku!!