#FatnessFirst founder and Baltimore club Dj… she can be seen in the streets of #shibuya DJ eating nori on hot dogs or in the studio making up hooks about food for her soon to be released mixtape ‘i swallowed it whole…  it was that good’ #pause

Working as a Back up DJ to @iamkojoe, running her own company, inspiring others through tweets and vibes she is always out and about.  Never doing less than 10 things at once even other #capricorns are intimidated by her.

Entertainment consultant, #hashtag lyricist, hip hop aficionado and proud owner of a futon that she scarcely ever sleeps in she adds a little sweet, a little sour to the #DENTradio sauce.

“It is never too late to discover yourself through others, and by taking a #chance to live your #dreams to support yourself financially, emotionally, and spiritually. #TeamGetALife”

Her website is www.daitime.com

She tweets www.twitter.com/daisha_hunter


Daisha at Velours Black Candy

DJ Dai*light Photo by: Alexis Wuillaume @loveEiga


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