Ms. Jayda B isn’t much taller than the ‘must be this tall to ride’ signs at the local 6 flags or Fuji kyu but her rolodex of business cards lays a bridge from the ATL all the way to Tokyo.  Working at the until recently powerhouse of Southern music studio ‘Patchwerk’ to the management team of top Japanese rapper Seeda in Tokyo, not even a quarter of a century old yet she is indisputably one busy queen B.

When she isn’t getting in her last credits to finish up her Bachelor’s you can find her building fan sites and blogs for some of the hottest underground artists in Atlanta today.  An expert on beer, a purikura fanatic and the most patient person you’ll ever meet when it comes to radio editing keep an eye on jayda jayda.  She is not only the founder and brainchild of DENTradio she is its driving force that all the other ladies look to for our weekly direction. 

“I’m a walking contradiction and a philosopher in a 15 year old’s body”

Check out her interview with Clutch magazine at Here!

She tweets at www.twitter.com/jayda_b

She blogs at www.randomnessloves.blogspot.com

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