I Know I’m Dating You, But I Kinda Want Your Friend #LadiesRoom

Maybe I am the only one that this has happened to, but it seems to happen a lot. I’ve noticed that when meeting someone I am attracted to physically; I tend to be attracted to their friend mentally. I know that sounds horrible. Yet, this has been my current run with men. Everyone knows about the “dynamic duo.” The two friends that are always around each other and you end up spending just as much time with the friend as you do the guy you are dating. Sometimes to the point that you hang out with their friend alone because you know that you will never cross that line. Well… The last guy that I dated, I met on Twitter. Online he was amazingly funny and quick with responses. Yet when I met him…He barely uttered more than 5-10 words at a time. He tried to be funny but it just came out corny more than anything else. I felt that this couldn’t possibly be the guy that I communicated with online. Time pressed on and we hung out for a while (well…something like a year) and I have always said that habit is stronger than love. I was so used to being around him I looked past the fact that he acted nothing like the guy online. After about a month or so he introduced me to his friend. Now the friend was not only attractive but hilarious. I felt like I knew him the moment we met. We laughed and we joked and had great conversation. THIS guy…This was the one that I expected his friend to be. I found myself having fantasies about his friend and I felt horrible about it. It wasn’t until months later that I found out that his friend was actually the one that corresponded with me via Twitter and it all made sense.

 Recently, I met another online friend at an event that I attended. When I introduced myself he wasn’t a man of many words and I let it be. I also happened to meet his friend, who wasn’t as reserved. His friend was a “pouncer” (the guy that sees what he wants and goes for it.) While, I am normally intimidated by guys that chase me, I entertained it. Though, I know that nothing else will come of this relationship, his friend has become very dear to me. So dear that I find myself attracted and while I may mean more to him than I ever will to his friend…I can’t entertain it. We have great conversation and When he communicates with me I smile, a lot. Yet I know that I need to stop.

So there you have it, I am the girl that falls for the guy friend of the guy I am dating/sleeping with. Am I the only one out here that does ratchet shit like this? I need to know. If you’ve been there what do you do besides the obvious “don’t do anything”?


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Honey, if I knew anything about me...I can tell you I wouldnt be blogging. I'd be doing whatever it is that I was good at. Oh wait...it's blogging.

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