Mariko aka @TokyoTwilighter is a little bit of everything.  An enigma to most people that meet her, it’s difficult to box her into any particular category.   Working in event planning and as a social media consultant you can find her comfortable chatting up a Nigeran MMA fighter, a JPOP star, a drag queen, a US Marine, or a Japanese suit with equal ease and grace (all at the same time…individually…or a combination thereof! lol).

She graduated from prestigious Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan, speaks French and Japanese in addition to her native English, and has no problem downing a shot or 20 of vodka when the occasion calls for it.   Difficult to catch on the phone, but always on Twitter if you want to see her in person just shine the bat light with the TT on it and she’ll show up to your party.

Not only the co-founder of on-line blog style magazine HashtagMag, music podcast #DENTradio and entertainment consulting venture ENTokyo, she also finds time to make cupcakes for house parties and fold origami cranes while riding the Yamanote line.

“My philosophy is brownies, rainbows, unicorns and the fluffy clouds.”

“I think any problem can be fixed with brownies. ”

“I’m not white, I’m mixed.  Get it through your head.”

Check out her interview with Metropolis magazine on http://metropolis.co.jp/features/upfront2/q-a/mariko-lochridge/

She tweets at http://www.twitter.com/tokyotwilighter

She blogs at http://tokyotwilighter.wordpress.com

She also blogs at http://www.alist247.com/tokyo_twilighter/
Orange dress on the beach

Mariko with Hanabi

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