@asian_bonita waits for the 2010 'wrap up' by @skillzva

Blogging for the readers of @HashtagMag and listeners of #DENTradio every week.  World-wide and available in every time zone, check out some of our highlights from each section from our ladies.

<<<- @asian_bonita enjoys checking our @SKILLZva every year.  Have you heard his year-end wrap up yet?  Featured under #DOPE on @HashtagMag

#DENTradio streaming 24/7






Every week the ladies of #DENTradio bring you a new show.  Hosted by @Jayda_b and @TokyoTwilighter with news by @ebonifiyah and @asian_bonita and of course #FATNESSfirst with @Daisha_Hunter

We stream 24/7 with a new show up

every Friday morning ATL time

and evening Tokyo time. —->>>




Have you heard @bobAtl latest mixtape? @Jayda_b #approves

Nothing says #ATL like a lil Bobby Ray.

Check out his latest mixtape

as reviewed by @jayda_b










Good #JhipHop #Music selected by @Daisha_Hunter #DOPE visuals


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