Good #Japanese Music : #Gagle “Big Bang Theory”

This video is by “Big Bang Theory” by Gagle and the visual is #DOPE. They are from the most northern part of #Japan, #Hokkaido. It is super cold up there so this video definitely does it’s part to rep the culture! I love the track. It sounds like #Premier to me but it was produced by Mr. Beats, a  Japanese #producer. I love their sound all around so check out their other songs.


About @Daisha_Hunter
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Born~Land of the Rising Sun Shined Daisha "Daiwu" Hunter #Tokyo #talENT #Writer #EATer #TEAcher #DJ Twitter: @Daisha_Hunter & @ENTokyoJP & Founder of #FatnessFirst

One Response to Good #Japanese Music : #Gagle “Big Bang Theory”

  1. Mary says:

    Great find. My first time hearing, and won’t be the last. Love the beats, and this video.. すごい!

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