Mixtape Review “No Genre” from @BoBatl

Funny how things change in a year. I first met Bobby Ray this same time last year in December while I was visiting Atlanta. Seems like just yesterday we were drinking Blue Moon and eating greasy pizza at Rocky Mountain. Anyway,  Bobby Ray has just dropped his new mixtape, “No Genre” (Which was a #trendingtopic ins ATL since the day of his Ustream performance in Minnesota). Touching on social issues on songs like “Dr. Aden” and “The Watchers”, Bobby Ray talks about the AIDS virus and mentions pop culture rumors how Hip-Hop is involved with the free masons.

Sampling a bit of his own voice of the slogan “Hi my name is Bob” on “How u do That” and Santigold on “Shoot up the Station”, some personal favorites are “Beast Mode”, “Batman Flow” “So So” and “The Watchers” (Produced by B.o.B himself)

This mixtape comes highly recommended.

Hi, my name is Jayda b. and I approve of this mixtape.

Keep representing the East side for us Bobby Ray.

Download “No Genre”.


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