#Kampai! Lets make, シャンヂガフ!

What? I know that’s what you said when you tried to read the katakana. 😉 Lets make Shandy Gafu! Shandy Gafu’s are a favorite cocktail among most young women in Japan. What is a Shandy Gafu you ask? This cocktail consists of 50%beer and 50% ginger ale, blended together to make a sweet beer mix. To make this, I recommend you use your favorite beer, Japanese, American or any type and Schwepps  ale. Just don’t use PBR for this one. I actually had a bartender make one for me in Atlanta over the summer, and it was horrible. Let that be a warning. Some blends that I recommend are Blue Moon from the US, or Sapporo from Japan.

Shandy’s are actually some of our ladies favorite drinks. @kyono69 and I’s to be exact. Try out this recipe and let us know what you think. Even balling on a budget, you can still drink #classy with that champagne glass in the back of your cabinet. lol



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