Sensitive Thugs Need Hugs #LadiesRoom (RANT)

We’ve all come in contact with him, we may not know it at first sight…Hell we may not know it until that ONE day that he turns into a straight up female!  Now dont misinterpret who I am talking about.  A man who shows his feelings and is emotional is fine with me.  Be comfortable with who you are.  The guy I am talking about is the one that tries to play this “Every-girl-wants-me-everybody-is-against-me” role.  The one that when he starts to talk about his “problems” (which usually consist of finding a girl who will drive him around) you just want to punch him in the nuts. 

Now look, am I guilty of entertaining this character of a man? Sure am.  Have I recently? No.  I am so tired of this behavior becoming acceptable.  Men should not cry like a little baby bitch when they don’t get their way.  Accept your loss and keep it moving!  Shit happens in life, what makes your problems anymore important than any other person?  ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING!  I recently celebrated my 27th birthday and right before 12am midnight…I received a call from a guy that I have been dating for over a year and a half.  Now in my head I figured that he wanted to talk to me until 12am to be the first to wish me a happy birthday.  Hell maybe he was calling to tell me he was coming over to see me personally since he has to pass my house on his way from work everyday and he was leaving to go out-of-town the next day.  He asked how my day was and I had a bad day so I didn’t want to talk about it.  He then asked how my parents were and since they were part of the problem I once again didn’t want to talk about it.  Now any other person in this world would have changed the subject and stated to talk about what my birthday plans were or what I was doing for Thanksgiving….Ahhh but not these sensitive thugs…Noooo not them.  They take everything personally.  What followed was the last argument I had during my 26th year.  He stated that I always treated him like this.  That I never wanted to talk about anything with him and that he can take a hint.  Now notice what he did here… He took something that had NOTHING to do with him and he turned himself into the victim.  I cried like a baby after getting off of the phone because I felt that maybe I was wrong for not wanting to divulge the details on what made my day so bad, but that isnt who I AM.  I am the type of the person that goes through things and lets them go because I don’t see the use in dwelling in them.  I havent spoken to him in a week now.  I havent lost any sleep either so I am assuming that I am fine.

On Thanksgiving I was home all day reading.  At one point I put the book down and looked at my phone to see a name that I missed in my phone.  I couldn’t quite remember why we stopped talking but we exchanged a few text here and there and then there it was…The proof that this was a cry baby bitch… “I must have not been your type because you threw me to the side.”  Now I don’t know what men expect when they send these “woe-is-me” text messages but if I am the recipient, you are either going to get the truth or you are going to get ignored.  In this case, I entertained it.  I responded back with, “aw why do you say that?”  As if he had his message pre-typed I get, “You never called me to hang out and I waited for you.  I wanted to be your man.”  I promise you I dropped the phone and remembered why we stopped talking.  I need a man who has an identity outside of me.  Someone that doesn’t rely on me for his worth.  A man with self-worth would not send a female a damsel in distress text.  Want to know why?  Because he has things to do with his life.  He isnt sitting around waiting on me to be ready for a relationship.  I know some of you reading this and thinking “this is why you’re single.”  While that may be your opinion.  I know what I want and a damsel in distress is NOT what I want.

This is what I want to know; When did men get so damn sensitive and needy?? I remember when I would get mad a my significant other not being able to answer the phone and I remember when I would kick and scream because I was convinced they were cheating.  Now, I see men kicking and screaming.  WHAT HAPPENED!?

If you are a male and ever sent these text you may need to evaluate your masculinity:

“Oh so you ignoring me right now?” (yes, and after this text, expect it to last a while)

“I called you” (as if I cannot see a Missed Call)

“Why you always busy?” (I have a life that does not revolve around you as it’s axis)

“I can take a hint.” ( Son, if I am busy I cannot respond.  Simmer down!)


About SLOWLYbtngU
Honey, if I knew anything about me...I can tell you I wouldnt be blogging. I'd be doing whatever it is that I was good at. Oh's blogging.

2 Responses to Sensitive Thugs Need Hugs #LadiesRoom (RANT)

  1. monique says:

    omg!! i so can resonate with this! i thought it was jus be n my perception b ive said this many many times before.. when did roles switc
    h.. and where do we.. or relationships go from here? supersigh..

    • SLOWLYbtngU says:

      I am still trying to figure that part out. It isnt all men, but I have definitely come in contact with way too many lately that just make me cringe when I see how needy they are.

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