Kero One – In All The Wrong Places (12″ Version)

Kero One is a Korean American hiphop EmCee and producer from San Francisco, CA.

making 50 copies of his first single with home equipment and personal credit cards.

One of the copies was purchased at a record shop in Tokyo by a Japanese DJ,

who generated interest for Kero One by playing it at a club. A Japanese record label then

requested 3000 copies of the single, which led to performances throughout Japan.

Very cozy Jazzy music with Touchy and Conscious Lyrics. This is his first single in 2006.

Kero Oneはカリフォルニアはサンフランシスコ出身の韓国系アメリカ人のEmCeeでありプロデューサーです。



とあるレーベルの目にとまり、Kero Oneのところに3000枚の注文が来たんだとか。こうして彼のキャリアは




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"Bboying is the bastard child of hip hop. Graffiti is the blacksheep. Deejaying is the loyal child who always does what its told. Rap is the spoiled brat who is actually the youngest of the four..."

One Response to Kero One – In All The Wrong Places (12″ Version)

  1. Do you know which Japanese DJ was playing it?

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