Anthropologists study…skulls and ethnic origins…and uh…evolution and things like that. So a lot of times they develop a natural ability to assess a human’s origin just by lookin’ at ’em. This results in bar conversations that go like this:

Anthropologist: Hi, are you mixed race?

Half Asian: Why yes, uh, yes I am…how did you know…

Anthropologist: I have an eye for these things. -awkward silence-

Half Asian: (cough)

Anthropologist: You have very high cheekbones…a bit asian I presume?

Half Asian: Yes, I am part asian.

Anthropologist: Ahhh…yes. Chinese? You have fair skin. Is it the Chinese or the Japanese that have fair skin? I know one of them is yellow…(ponders)

Half Asian: Um, I think it just depends…

Anthropologist: Japanese, you’re definetly part Japanese.

Half Asian: Yep. Wow. You’re good.

Anthropologist: And your other half…(steps back and squints)…Irish?

Half Asian: No, why? What…?

Anthropologist: Well your hair is very red.

Half Asian: I dyed it red.

Anthropologist: Ohhh! Wow, it’s a very interesting look on you.

And so on.

This is always a really awesome experience because it gives the Half Asian a sense of recognition and importance. A lot of people often wish they were a different ethnicity, or multiple ethnicities, so it’s a fun privilege of being half asian to hear anthropologists go through their mental rolodex of ethnicities. Depending on the experience level of the anthropologist, they may guess a variety of ethnicities and nationalities before reaching the right combination. Nationalities such as Hawaiian, Brazilian, and Mexican are typical rookie mistakes. Unless of course the half asian is partly/wholly those nationalities.

Of course…what happens when worlds collide?! When the half asian becomes the anthropologist…? Well the world has come pretty close to this incarnation…namely when Tia Carrere (of mixed Hawaiian, Filipino, Chinese, Spanish descent) took on the title role in RELIC HUNTER, a 90s tv series I greatly enjoyed as a kid.

So maybe that’s a future post one day…not just MEETING anthropologists…but BEING anthropologists. We’ll make it there one day kiddos…


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  1. Momo says:

    This is too funny. I ran into someone studying anthropology at Barnes and Noble and had this EXACT conversation.

  2. @Daisha_Hunter says:

    What does your white half think about this situation?

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