#1 Modelling #StuffHalfAsiansLike

You can’t stop a half asian from modeling. It’s just what happens to us. I could be 35 and smoking and I could still leave my job as a bank clerk to go model, just because, yes, I am #halfAsian. Maggie Q was just walking along one day and lost her hat in a breeze, and some videographer for Shiseido caught it all on tape and now it’s a friggin commercial for chrissake! (See above video).

Devon Aoki with Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.

See above, Devon Aoki is a runway model even though she’s only 5″6 – teeny tiny by normal people standards! Most modeling agencies won’t even see you if you’re below 5″8. But here she is doing Chanel runway!

Powerful stuff.

Aline Nakashima, Brazilian-Japanese.

So if you want to be original and you’re half asian, don’t model. It’s kinda played out. Unless you really need the cash, then move to Japan. VIVI magazine appears to only use us mixed asians.

Half Asians in full force for VIVI

That or this publication was started by a group of shunned half asians…I’m not sure. In any case, they really like that look. Start there aspiring halfie model! #GoForth.

Porn star Asia Carrera

Or maybe part asians just don’t get enough love, which is why we are drawn to modeling. Above, porn star Asia Carrera strikes a pose.

In any case, modeling is cool and fab and I’m glad it’s a viable career option for half asian peeps. Much like a budding blues guitarist should know Muddy Waters or Chuck Berry, would-be half asian models should know who came before them.

Daniel Henney…modeling…

However, remember that if you meet a half asian model that it’s not like meeting your ‘average’ model. This half asian may very well be just a bored college student or UPS deliveryman who got dragged in front of a camera. Treat them like you would a full-asian girl who does import car modeling.

Model salutes car show.

You see, as an import car model explained to me, it is a type of modeling for girls too short for regular modeling. There are plenty of very good looking, professional Asian chicks out there pursuing this, but as many Asians know, it’s not exactly the most discerning profession. If you’re skinny and Asian and will wear the hot shorts and can stand for several hours, you will be hired.

So it’s similar with half asians. If you’re half asian and someone wants to take your photo, it may end up in an ad or magazine. Just sayin.



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