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Half an Asian

Since #DENTradio is half #ATL and half #Tokyo I guess that makes us #halfAsian?  New to the team is @itsmieko who will be contributing to the show and blog with #stuffHalfAsiansLike.  You can enjoy her commentary and the inner thinkings of a #HalfAsian

Excerpt from #ThingsHalfAsiansLike

One time I was at a bakery and this Asian girl points me out to her white boyfriend and goes “We could have one of those!”

Yep Asian lady, you can.

(I wonder if they did?)


Part comedy, slightly exaggerated but very honest @itsMieko ‘s blog posts are based on personal reflections and anecdotes from a halfAsian’s perspective.  You’ll find her delivery to be sensitive and amusing but most of all original.  You’ll no doubt LOL at some of the one-liners she delivers in between mildly racist comments and obvious digs at ridiculous stereotypes. However it’s all in jest and not meant for the racially sensitive crowd.  All in all a blog worth reading and we hope she’ll stick with it.  Not to be confused with #stuffBlkChurchesLike #StuffKoreanMomsLike or #stuffWhitePeopleLikes this is #stuffHalfAsiansLike

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About #DENTradio
Just a couple of girls that love music, things that sparkle, delicious food, twitter and a great party. Connecting the ATL to TOKYO

One Response to #StuffHalfAsiansLike #Blog #Review

  1. “B!tch I’m not a muffin!” should have been your response! #WTF

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