#BET lost its credibility when…


#really #BET



“BET lost their right to determine anything in hip hop and of course in African American culture a long time ago… especially when it comes to rap you just lost your credibility when you got rid of RAP City in the basement” @Daisha_Hunter

Last week on Episode 2 of #DENTradio the ladies talked about the #TT that had a lot of #hipHop twerps pretty heated.  Here’s the list…

1)  Eminem
2)  Lil’ Wayne
3)  Kanye West
4)  50 Cent
5)  T.I.
6)  Ludacris
7)  Drake
8)  Young Jeezy
9)  Jadakiss
10) Rick Ross

Now here at #DENTradio … we won’t even try to pretend like we like this list.  A few of our favorites that missed ‘the cut’ included @bobatl (Bobby Ray), @lupefiasco (Lupe Fiasco) and Andre 3000.  @TokyoTwilighter is also a big fan of Blu who definitely would not make any list made by #BET #imJustSayin

However, it is important to remember that the artists can’t have released a solo album prior to 1999 which automatically excludes @Jayz, 2Pac or Biggie to name just a few that have defined hip hop and continue to do so.  But #really @gucci1017 ?

Any #BET fans out there?


About #DENTradio
Just a couple of girls that love music, things that sparkle, delicious food, twitter and a great party. Connecting the ATL to TOKYO

One Response to #BET lost its credibility when…

  1. dj c.geez says:

    obviously, BET has been completely out of touch since it’s founding owner sold his stock and gave up ownership a few years back. i do not know anyone who deems them a credible source of information for anything dealing with black american culture, especially hip hop. example: if hip hop has been such a powerful influence towards world culture, then why did BET only donate 1-2 hours of it’s 24 programming to it’s most popular and defining element (music/videos) of the culture of hip hop, before removing it completely? my advice….for bloggers and show hosts, is to stop using uncredible sources to start a conversation, and be the Credible Sources yourselves. quit wating and haiting! don’t clown some wack ass sources for their wack ass picks and lists, just give us YOURS and add some real validity to the topics. cj

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