Love Letter in a Bottle

We’ve all seen those movies where a lovesick cast away is stranded on a deserted island with no means of communication. The poor soul, burdened with love and the possibility they will never kiss the face of the person of their dreams again, in a moment of desperation, writes a letter, stuffs it in a bottle, corks it and casts the bottle into the sea along with a wish that it reach the one they love. There is a reason that shit only happens in the movies. It’s not real life.

I had a super romantic, “love is all we need” relationship once. I trusted in the love we shared to be enough to sort out the rest of the world and then you know what happened? Reality hit. People got hurt. A decision had to be made. We went our separate ways. Together, just the two of us, we were perfect. We used to say that in a perfect world we were the perfect couple. But alas, we do not live in a perfect world.

My relationship failed but I don’t consider it a personal failure nor do I consider it a failure on the part of love. We got caught up in romanticism. Romanticism is a part of falling in love. I just didn’t factor in enough realism until it was already too late.

My advice to those feverishly writing epithets of love…Go ahead. Cast your love letter out into oceans but when it doesn’t come back to you, don’t give up on love. Just remember that staying in love requires equal parts realism and romanticism.


One Response to Love Letter in a Bottle

  1. monique says:

    wow Eboni… tha was all that. ur words n experience def resonate with me n my very current situation… im totally ignoring the reality of things and am submergn my self n the bliss of it.. damn its almost like u jus handle a scarily on point fortune cookie. shit!

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