You’re Really Not All That Good #LadiesRoom

They say that women take rejections badly.  Clearly no one wants to discuss how much of a bitch men turn into.  I have never been one to hold my tongue on things I don’t like or agree to.  Unfortunately, this includes sex.  Now those of you reading can be candid and pretend that you are virgins, that is all good and great, but the fact of the matter is that we have all had wack sex.  So what do you do? How do you tell them?

Me? Well, I immediately let them know that what they are doing doesn’t do it for me.  I am such a sexual person, if I don’t jump on you b/c I want you….You’re doing it wrong.

I recently had sex with a guy that I am convinced was a real life virgin.  It was just awkward.  His stroke was off, I think that he forgot that he actually has to move if he is on top.  :o(  I didn’t know how to tell him so I just took control.  Now when I see him I joke with my friends that I am “teaching classes.”

I want you all to know that IT IS OKAY to tell a guy what you like.  See they cum whether you are satisfied or not, might as well make it enjoyable for both of you.  You don’t have to be a bitch about it, you can just let them know that what they are doing…Isn’t doing it for you.  Make suggestions and encourage playing with toys.  I rather play with my toy during sex and guarantee and orgasm than play with my toy after he falls asleep and worry about hurting his feelings.

How many of you have had a wack experience in bed? Did you say anything?  What worked for you?


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Honey, if I knew anything about me...I can tell you I wouldnt be blogging. I'd be doing whatever it is that I was good at. Oh's blogging.

One Response to You’re Really Not All That Good #LadiesRoom

  1. flatoutfree says:

    As a guy, I can say that there was definitely a point in my sexual growth that matches with your description.

    Guys have a lot of societal pressure creeping over their shoulders; men compete, and women select. Once a man feels like he’s done his job and has been “selected”, there’s a lot of pressure to impress the lady in bed. Sometimes lack of experience and physical stimulation might limit his ability to act freely; other times it’s just lack of education. Don’t hesitate to communicate to your partner, but don’t do it in a controlling or condescending fashion.

    Positive reinforcement trumps negative reinforcement. Focus on what feels GOOD and communicate that (unless something is just painful). A man’s ego is a pretty sensitive thing, especially in the context of this “competitive” sexual battleground that we live in. Be sensitive to this, but don’t neglect your responsibility: communicate.

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