Long Distance Relationship.

It has been said that long distance relationships are impossible, and that they do not work. I don’t know how many times I have heard a guy say to me “I cannot date you because I cannot do a long distance relationship” or “I can’t do long distance relationship because I need to feel the human touch”.


My boyfriend reacted negatively about continuing our relationship when he found out that he had to leave the city for a 4 month work position. I could not believe what I was hearing. It was same old situation happening again.


He was worried about getting involved with someone else in the new city where he has no friends, but he “did not want to lose me”.


So, I told him something what my mother has told me: “It only takes a minute to cheat on someone. It’s not about distance.” I also told him how selfish he was for him to think that I will be waiting for him while he has fun with other girls in the new city. When we talked about our relationship, he said he will “try”…….wtf



Ladies, what do you think about this…. “Try”


About Aimi
Lived in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Canada. Currently in Japan.

One Response to Long Distance Relationship.

  1. @Daisha_Hunter says:

    #TRY!? TRY!? What he is going to do is “TRY” to stick it in someone else and tell you it happened during the 4-month sabbatical that you did not agree to go on in your #relationship. If he will act this way over a 4 month job assignment, don’t think he will stick around in the future for any emergency period of extended absence if you guys did decide to get serious. This relationship wasn’t meant to be long distance or in close range for that matter! #Deuces

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