#Kittens This is really Kawaiiiiiiiii #DoraeMon

Dressed up for a Doraemon Halloween


I couldn’t decide if this was animal cruelty or just really cute. I am going to tell myself that it’s photoshop so I can feel less guilty about wanting to make this my cell phone background. Kawaiiiiiiii!!! Too cute! Doraemon is a robotic cat that travels back in time to help out a schoolboy.  He has a magical pocket that he can pull out all kinds of cool things.  My favorite is the Dokodemo door which is basically a door he pulls out and then you can walk through it to any time period or place. #WishList




About @TokyoTwilighter
A lil bit of Tokyo, a lil bit of America and a lot of kawaii. Something like an expert on Tokyo and your personal navigation system through the party scene. Fan of good music, brownies, bright colors, hip hop and twitter.

One Response to #Kittens This is really Kawaiiiiiiiii #DoraeMon

  1. This is so adorable I almost cried a little bit inside! #Kawaii

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