#DENTradio Episode One: This Friday US/Tokyo Time

宜しくお願いします!私たちは、#DENTradio! Welcome^^ようこそ!
#DENTradio is a podcast supporting all things indepenDENT from in and around Atlanta and Tokyo.
Music, Fashion, Art anything you want to see or hear from us, let us know. DENTradio@gmail.com

We’ll keep you updated on events and happenings from these two cities, but for now stay on the look out!

Episode One will air this Friday 9pm Tokyo time, 8am Eastern US time.

Episode one features music from:
Niko Villamor
Janelle Monae’
and more!

Also, Interview with Baltimore Club Dj, Dj Dai*light in Tokyo! Meet Daisha “DJ Dai*Light” Hunter : Tokyo’s Baltimore Club Hobbyist & Entertainment Network Enthusiast

So stay tuned!☆

The Ladies of #DENTradio
We’ll be back on friday with the complete episode one!


2 Responses to #DENTradio Episode One: This Friday US/Tokyo Time

  1. Mo says:

    yooooo i love this pic!! so hiphop fly!! gettt em!

  2. @jacedome says:

    I absolutely love this pic Dai!

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