Falling in Love

There is an assumption that young people are too young to fall in love. This claim is made by a father of a young son in Love Actually, the movie, when the son tells his father that he has fallen in love with a girl, and his father giggles… Yet, there are some couples who get married right after they graduate from high school.

Is there a set age in human life when you can fall in love? Does it happen only few times in a human life? What does it mean to be in love?

This is a story of when I was in love.

I was just starting at a new high school when I first met “L”. I felt something that can only be explained by chemistry. Since we had few classes together, we started to get to know each other well, and soon he became my one and only good friend in my high school. After several dates and hanging out every weekend for few weeks, we became an official couple.

When I was spending time with him, I had nothing to worry about. No fear for future or anything. All I could think about was how I want to be with him as long as I can. I still remember every minute I have spent with him and all the words we have exchanged.

Resulting factors…including his mom disliking my mother, our relationship ended but what I have experienced is real.

Isn’t this love? If this can’t be love then what was I experiencing?


What do you think?


About Aimi
Lived in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Canada. Currently in Japan.

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