“You could learn a lot from a dummy…” #indUStry

#True, but we’d rather surround ourselves with smart and continuously learning people! “It is not about what you know, it is about who you know,” and we know it ain’t just cuz we pretty (#KellyDodson), but because we are lining our bases with the pros. We won’t get to where we need to be alone so this is how we find out more and fuel our dreams, in US trying. #indUStry


About @Daisha_Hunter
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Born~Land of the Rising Sun Shined Daisha "Daiwu" Hunter #Tokyo #talENT #Writer #EATer #TEAcher #DJ Twitter: @Daisha_Hunter & @ENTokyoJP www.DaishaHunter.com & www.ENT-Tokyo.com Founder of #FatnessFirst

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