Japan Knows Chicken Wings #FatnessFirst


Say it with me “Se-Kah-EE-No-Yah-Ma-Cha-n”

手羽先 “te-bah-saki”= #ChickenWing

Being raised eating and loving only #ChickenWings (yes I was one of those kids),

I couldn’t believe what was in front of me:

A box with instructions on how to eat #手羽先!

#WTF #Japan is not about to teach ME how to eat #chickenwings!


Wings 2 Go #FatnessFirst












YES THEY DID! Besides the instructions on the box throwing me for a loop, the flavor…

UNBELIEVABLE! Delicious #spice!

This #FatnessFirst experience was so life/culture changing that I have introduced 20+ people to the addiction,

and counting…

本当にどうもありがとうございました@IAmKojoe for putting me on!

To top it off: They serve GOLDEN FLAKED CHICKEN WINGS!!! That’s #Baller Son!

Also used in #Jerky seasoning! Check your local #Conbini


Yamachan Wing Flavored Squid Jerky


About @Daisha_Hunter
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Born~Land of the Rising Sun Shined Daisha "Daiwu" Hunter #Tokyo #talENT #Writer #EATer #TEAcher #DJ Twitter: @Daisha_Hunter & @ENTokyoJP www.DaishaHunter.com & www.ENT-Tokyo.com Founder of #FatnessFirst

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