@PrettyBoyKobe #OnToTheNextOne party @ClubMidas


@PrettyBoyKobe 3rd Saturdays @ClubMidas

#OnToTheNextOne @ClubMidas


Here @HashtagMag we have a special place in our hearts for @PrettyBoyKobe not only because he throws great parties but because he recently gave his old iTouch to @TokyoTwilighter to cheer her up when she was having a bad run of luck.

Check out his party every 3rd Saturday @ClubMidas from 11pm.  Celebrities such as Ne-Yo, Memphis Bleek, Cameo, Trina, Blackstreet and Chris Brown have all stopped through on their tours of Japan to this spot.

Hit up TokyoTwilighter@gmail.com for guest list discounts or birthday party plans!


About @TokyoTwilighter
A lil bit of Tokyo, a lil bit of America and a lot of kawaii. Something like an expert on Tokyo and your personal navigation system through the party scene. Fan of good music, brownies, bright colors, hip hop and twitter.

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