Wake-up to @DENTradio

After months of working through numerous concepts and scripts #DENTradio is finally about to launch its first show.  @Jayda_b and @TokyoTwilighter worked in the studio all day and all night but look out for the first broadcast available this week October 15th 2010!

You can look forward to an interview with DJ Dai*light @daisha_hunter as well as music from Kojoe @iamKojoe , Niko  Villomar @NikoVillomar and many others.  Aiming to deliver you the best in what the A and Tokyo has in all genres, it’s a program guaranteed to introduce you to someone new that you’ll be googling soon.

Best of all, our twitter news report will keep you up to date on what’s going on in case you couldn’t keep up with your twitter timeline.

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s on this week’s show!

Tune in every Friday for a new episode!


the DENT Girls


About @TokyoTwilighter
A lil bit of Tokyo, a lil bit of America and a lot of kawaii. Something like an expert on Tokyo and your personal navigation system through the party scene. Fan of good music, brownies, bright colors, hip hop and twitter.

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